What are the biggest differences between iOS and Android?

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What are the biggest differences between iOS and Android?

What are the biggest differences between iOS and Android?

That today it is practically impossible to think of living without a smartphone is a statement with which the vast majority of the population agrees. However, even if it is a device that we use for everything, there are still many people who do not really know the technology that makes everything possible: the operating system . And not to mention the differences between iOS and Android, the two most important operating systems.

From being in contact with our environment, enjoying leisure time, as a work tool or even to shop, the mobile phone has become an essential element in our lives that we use almost 24 hours a day. That is why when choosing a new smartphone the same debate always arises: what is better iOS or Android?

And if you are reading this article, it is very likely that right now you are facing the difficult decision of having to choose between one of the two. If so, you are in the right place, because with this post we are going to help you learn about the main differences between iOS and Android so that it is much easier for you to choose the best smartphone for you .

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What is iOS?

iOS is an operating system developed by the Apple company that works exclusively on its devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch using a variant), which is why it is considered closed source software .

It was launched in 2007 together with the iPhone and since then Apple has dedicated a lot of effort to making its operating system, in addition to being very powerful , also very attractive to its users. This, along with the design of its products, is the company’s main claim and one of the aspects that users value the most .

What is Android?

Android is an open source operating system used in all kinds of smart devices, from smartphones to tablets, through televisions, cameras, watches or game consoles, among many others.

This software was developed by Android Inc., although in 2005 Google acquired the rights when it wanted to enter the telephony sector. Since then, Google, together with the Open Hanset Alliance and other volunteers, has been in charge of continuing its development.

Its success lies in its open source code, which allows a very high development speed . This makes it possible for the user experience to be very complete, for it to be available in more than 100 languages ​​and for it to be compatible with multiple platforms and devices, making it the most widely used operating system today .

Main differences between iOS and Android

After knowing a little more about each operating system, it’s time to see what the main differences between iOS and Android are:

Format and design

Although it does not directly influence the operating system, the design of the device is one of the main aspects that is taken into account when purchasing a new one. And while for iOS there are only between 3 and 5 models available each year, for Android it is possible to choose between hundreds of new ones each year .

From smartphones that fold or are waterproof, to devices designed for photography or entertainment, the variety of Android to choose from is immense, with countless designs, formats, brands and ranges. It could be said that there is an Android device for almost any user , regardless of their needs or budget.

In iOS, on the other hand, you can only choose one of the new models that Apple launches each year of its products. In addition, as they are high-end devices, the niche in which they compete is further reduced.


As there is a wide variety of devices that work with Android, this means that there is a wide range of interfaces available for the same operating system. Thanks to the great customization capacity, each brand or manufacturer will, as a general rule, have its own interface design.

This does not happen with iOS products , which as long as they have the same version, will have an identical interface regardless of the device model.

Power and energy efficiency

From an energy point of view, iPhones are much more efficient and have more power than those that work with Android.

The latter compensate for this aspect with higher capacity and fast charging batteries.

Features and innovation

This is another of the big differences between iOS and Android. While devices that use the Android operating system have been known for always being at the forefront of innovation , even risking poorly developed features to stand out from the competition, Apple has chosen to follow a more conservative strategy, adding to iOS only those features that have been highly polished and will not be an inconvenience in the user experience.


Almost every month a new Android security update is released , although then each brand decides when to implement it on their devices.

Apple, on the other hand, releases updates much less frequently and rolls them out to all supported devices at once.


Just as there is a wide variety of devices that use Android, the range of connectivity options for them is also very wide and they stand out for their compatibility. USB connectors, audio connectors, infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC, are some of the most relevant options.

On the other hand, devices that use iOS, like all Apple products, are characterized by a limited variety of connectivity and compatibility, making it necessary to purchase products designed exclusively for the brand.


Although in the Android device market those that use facial recognition as a user authentication method coexist with those that still use the fingerprint or even both, in 2018 Apple chose to eliminate fingerprint authentication from its devices and bet on Face ID, one of the most powerful facial recognition systems today.


The physical storage capacity of Android devices has always been much higher than that of devices that use iOS, since the latter do not allow it to be expanded externally, in addition to having a somewhat complex system for downloading multimedia files.

However, today thanks to cloud storage this can no longer be considered a big difference between iOS and Android .


While all iOS-powered devices come out of the box with pretty much the same apps, that’s not the case with Android devices, which will depend on the manufacturer.

Apple has a series of its own applications that it uses on all its devices , such as Safari or Apple Maps, while each Android device manufacturer can choose to develop its own or use some third-party ones, such as Chrome or Google Maps.

The number of third-party apps for Android devices is much higher , although the quality of iOS apps is often better due to strict regulation by Apple.


Devices running iOS collect less information from users and are more strict about the amount of data third-party apps can collect, unlike Android devices that are pre-built to be able to collect more information, such as location or data. navigation. Although in the latter it is possible to change the configuration to obtain a level of security very similar to Apple products.


As with connectivity, the variety of accessories available for Android devices is much greater as they are compatible with a large number of models. It is possible to use a Xiaomi smartwatch with a Samsung smartphone or a Sony headset with a Huawei device without losing any functionality and without requiring anything special in design.

On the other hand, devices that use iOS work with accessories designed specifically for them, and in most cases from the Apple brand, or they will need some element that acts as an intermediary. For example, to use Sony headphones on an iPhone, it will be necessary to purchase a special plug to be able to connect the two devices. This causes all accessories to be generally much more expensive.

Durability and repair service

The average durability of devices using iOS is generally higher than Android devices due to the quality of the materials used. However, it is true that if an Apple brand product breaks down, the repair service can be tedious, and sometimes even not worth the high cost.

Apple brand products have always been characterized by their hermetic design and until very recently it was necessary to go to the official service for any repair or modification. Although little by little this is changing and we can find third-party services specialized in the repair of iOS devices, it is not comparable to the wide variety of options that exist for the repair of Android products.

Differences between iPhone and Android: How to choose the best smartphone?

There is no correct answer for this question. Since, as we have seen, the differences between iOS and Android or iPhone and Android can be very similar in certain aspects, but very different in many others.

For this reason, when choosing the best smartphone , we must analyze what we want it for, take into account what aspect we value the most and what our budget is. These three simple concepts will be of great help to make ‘-

the right decision .

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