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Visa Application Centers in Italy, Moscow

Visa Application Centers in Italy, Moscow

Who at least once in their life has not dreamed to see with their own eyes the magical and colorful country of Italy? Stroll through its ancient sights, admire the famous Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, visit the incendiary Venetian Carnival or the Pope’s Residence.

This country also attracts tourists with its amazing beaches surrounded by palm trees and pine trees, and swimming in its clear sea is simply an indescribable pleasure. All these dreams can come true, but first you have to go to the visa centers of Italy and apply for a Schengen visa that gives you the right to reside in the territory of this country.

The first step to get started

You must first decide which of the Schengen countries you plan to visit, as the residence permit is issued directly by the state consulate. In case you plan to visit several at once, it is necessary to submit documents to the representatives of the country where you plan to stay for several days. Know more about andrijevica.

If the choice fell on a trip to an Italian country, citizens of the Russian Federation can apply to the Italian visa center at the place of registration to obtain a visa. But remember that it is best to make an appointment. Thanks to this, you can avoid waiting in long lines.

For residents of the capital and other cities of Russia, except the citizens of the Northwest District, to undergo this procedure, you must contact the Italian Visa Application Center in Moscow. This place will help everyone to properly issue a residence permit in the Italian state. Persons registered in the Leningrad, Murmansk, Pskov, Novgorod, Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions must apply to the Italian visa center located in St. Petersburg to obtain a visa.

Which companies are best to contact

Today, there are many unofficial companies that provide short-stay visa services for various purposes. People can apply for permission to visit the country for a business trip, visit friends or relatives, or simply travel. But in this case, to apply for a visa, it is better to contact the official representatives of the state in order to have one hundred percent guarantees.

There is only one such Italian visa center in Moscow, authorized by the country’s Consulate General to represent its interests. It is endowed with a special certificate that is fully compliant with all necessary international standards.

In addition to all the above purposes, this visa center in Italy helps to prepare applications for a residence permit in the country to study, reunite with family, for work, official invitation, and also facilitates obtaining a transport and transit visa.

Necessary actions and documents for the visa procedure

Before applying to Italian visa centers, it is necessary to obtain health insurance for the Schengen countries, which will cover at least 30 thousand euros.

You must then book a hotel to subsequently present the availability of the reservation to the Italian Visa Application Center, which will include its address, telephone numbers and length of stay.

You must also have a 3×4 photo, a duly completed application form, a passport and foreign passport, and a photocopy of your credit card.

It is best to submit the documents to the Italian visa center no later than one month from the date of the planned trip, and apply in advance. Because people who came without notice will be admitted to the queue, in case of vacancies.

Innovation in obtaining visas

The Visa Application Centers in Italy warn all those who plan to apply for a visa that since the autumn of last year, all persons seeking permission to visit this country are undergoing a biometric procedure. This means that each applicant scans all ten fingers in order to obtain fingerprints, ie now only personal presence is required to submit documents.

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