Traveling by motorhome through the Subbética Cordoba: destinations

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Traveling by motorhome through the Subbética Cordoba: destinations

Traveling by motorhome through the Subbética Cordoba: destinations

With Easter just around the corner, all the ideas are good to think of a getaway during the holidays of your community or with the possibility of extending it. If there is something that is becoming more and more fashionable due to the comfort and security it provides, it is traveling with the house in tow, so we propose you to visit a part of Andalusia that we have already told you about and travel in a motorhome through the Subbética Cordobesa , discovering good destinations and the best rest areas .

It is that with the advance of this type of tourism, comfortable for many because it allows a lot of freedom and above all, not an excess of planning, in the Subbética Cordobesa you will find a caravan-friendly zone , with the promise of increasing the number of municipalities with zones from twelve parking, and many more throughout Andalusia .

Doña Mencía, starting point

Doña Mencía , located in the northernmost part of this region of Córdoba , usually becomes the entry point and start of Subbéticas getaways for those who love this type of tourism. Its Motorhome (AC) parking area is located next to the Vía Verde Station and next to the Cycle Tourist Center and is exclusively for vans, caravans and motorhomes . It has 50 delimited plots and it is necessary to book in advance.

From this point you can enjoy nature by bicycle along a section of the Vía Verde , traced by the old railway line known as the Oil Route . It is a simple route and suitable for the whole family. Check out more interesting topics on our site Faith Blog.

Also from here you can go on foot to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Zuheros , to discover, among other emblematic places, its famous Cueva de los Murciélagos .

Cabra, geographical center of Andalusia

Motorhomes are also welcome in Cabra , a beautiful town located right in the Geographical Center of Andalusia, which has two AC areas for this type of tourism. One next to the Bus Station with 10 seats, and another in the Fuente del Río Natural Park next to the Vía Verde and a few meters from the center of the municipality. The latter has 27 seats, is completely closed, next to the sports complex with indoor and outdoor pools.

Cabra has a great monumental heritage , most of which comes from the Baroque, museums and many places to visit. It is also full of traditions and festivals, guarded by mountains, springs and natural landscapes of great relevance.

Rute will take care of mind and stomach

Although the gastronomy of the Subbética can be tasted and discovered throughout the area, it is true that the municipality of Rute takes it to a higher level with its thematic museums: aniseed, sugar, chocolate, nougat, shortbread and marzipan, ham or chacina . A set of museum spaces dedicated to gastronomy that attracts the attention of travelers and that has led it to be one of the most searched municipalities on the Internet.

Last year it launched a new service area for caravans and motorhomes that is free and that improves day after day. This area is located next to two of the most beautiful trails in the region: The Sendero del Pinar de Rute and the Sierra Alta.

Carcabuey is perfect for athletes

For those who prefer to continue enjoying nature and outdoor activities, Carcabuey offers different hiking routes to do on foot or by bicycle through the Sierras Subbéticas National Park. Its housing vehicle area offers a comfortable stopover for lovers of rural and inland landscapes for a stay of no more than 72 hours . Next to it is the Carcabuey and MTB Cycling Center that provides all the services that the cyclist may need free of charge (showers, first aid kit, bicycle rental, etc.)

Tranquility is achieved in Priego de Córdoba

Finally, Priego de Córdoba has prepared a quiet area for motorhome drivers next to a beautiful park, no more than 15 minutes from the historic center of this beautiful town. This corner of the Subbética invites you to discover it by getting lost in its streets and small white and flowery alleys where you will find jewels such as the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the Balcón del Adarve, the famous Fuente del Rey, the Barrio de la Villa or his castle . Not surprisingly, its monumental complex keeps some of the best examples of Cordovan baroque.

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