The current corona pandemic is not only having an impact on the personal sphere but entire professional branches are affected. In addition to gastronomy and tourism, it has drastic effects on the fair trade industry in particular since, according to the current status, major events will not take place up to and including the end of August 2020. Many trade fairs have even postponed their dates to 2021 – you can find an overview of this, which is constantly updated.

Trade fairs thrive on a personal exchange, which is why it isn’t easy in many areas to find an adequate replacement there – because in exhibition halls, it is impossible to comply with distance regulations, or personal interaction is hardly feasible with the prescribed measures. According to AUMA, the standstill that the fair trade industry is currently experiencing in Germany will also impact the economy due to the current trade fair cancellations and postponements, costing around 5.5 billion euros. People from around the world participating in the exhibition stand Dubai.

These are not small numbers, but there is also an opportunity in every crisis – we must not fall into a kind of shock when we are at a standstill but must develop solutions to reorganize our division and break new ground. As the managing director of a medium-sized company for mobile advertising systems, I still see the opportunity to look ahead and develop ideas further.

What options are available to you in the ‘fair-free’ time? 

Expand your digital presence course, a virtual online representation of goods is not an equivalent substitute for tactile experience – but a lot can also be done in this way. Optimize your website now because this is the digital face of your company. You will also benefit from it in the future when working life slowly returns to normal. We all know how important the topic of digitization is and can use the present time to reorganize ourselves there. This also includes the identity of your company and how you present yourself and your company online: What has changed over the years? What should possibly be modernized? How is the activity on social networks? These are all questions you should ask yourself more often in the present time and on which you can work.

  • Plan virtual product presentations or your virtual in-house exhibitions

Although the virtual world cannot replace personal interaction 100%, it is still a good way in many areas to communicate your products and news in the present time. For example, if you set up a mobile exhibition stand in your conference room, you can use it to carry out a product presentation that you can put on your website via film or video stream and invite via e-mail. This way, you stay in touch, have a tool for interpersonal communication, and stay in the mind of your customers. The work you are doing now is permanent since you can continue to use these filmed virtual presentations.

  • Activate your network and keep in touch

Everyone is in the same boat, and it is vital to maintain close contact with regular customers even in times of crisis. Everyone is happy about a short inquiry about how things are going at the moment, and a short, honestly meant telephone call or an e-mail is also a good starting point. This way, an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is avoided. In this way, you keep in touch and stay in touch with existing and potential new business partners.

  • Optimize your internal processes and workflows

Everyone knows this – some processes and workflows have developed and been established over the years, but are they always up-to-date and ideal? In the present time, when there is inevitably more time to check such processes, it makes sense to subject them to analysis to see what could be improved. There is always room for improvement, and when the company starts up again with full force, you are well prepared to go into implementation with new energy!

The most important thing is not to despair – everyone is doing their best right now, and my team and I are pooling our resources and ideas to create new things and develop further our products to offer you an even more sophisticated range of mobile advertising systems in the future. Because, if we are honest, even in times of social distancing, when video conferences and digital content are even more critical than usual, a cleverly placed advertising message must not fall by the wayside. We will continue to support you here with outstanding commitment!

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