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Top 10 Best PS1 Retro Games

Top 10 Best PS1 Retro Games

The PlayStation 1 left memorable moments among those of us who spend afternoons playing in front of the television. Undoubtedly, one of the old consoles is remembered with more affection. Indeed some titles that accompanied you during your childhood still come to mind. How many of this selection of the best PS1 retro games have been part of the collection?

Best  retro  PS1 games

Do you remember the beginnings of Final Fantasy? And the Grand Touring? Perhaps, you are already beginning to remember video games with which you spent long afternoons. Many were not just titles but experiences that many of us carry inside. Some say that the games of another era are left behind. Therefore, we will bring them back to the present with this list.

  1. Driver 2

You’ll remember it as the forerunner of many of the action-adventure games we have today. Its main novelty was the graphic jump, which was vital although incomparable with today. The player suddenly became a policeman who joined a criminal gang. Along the way, he assumed the mission of creating a world organization dedicated to crime.

This story became very popular in its genre and got hooked from the first moment.

  1. Spyro the Dragon

The Spyro dragon had been chosen to save his kind from impending catastrophe. This is the starting point of an adventure that will take you through incredibly challenging worlds. His task was to collect gems from reversing what seemed like an inevitable cataclysm.

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular classic games of its time. The secret was in its universe of maps that were so different from each other that they seemed like different video games.

  1. Final Fantasy VII

The PlayStation 5 is about to see the title Final Fantasy XVI arrive. However, lovers of the saga still remember the seventh installment as the best. For what reason? It introduced the 3D action subgenre to a console that seemed unprepared for it.

The adventure, based on turn-based combat, turned the player into a kind of hero. Each challenge was more demanding than the previous one, but everything was wrapped in an atmosphere of mystery and action that he managed to capture from the first moment.

  1. Grand Touring 2

The driving and racing simulators we know today had the exact origin: Gran Turismo 2. This installment was characterized by making the player feel like they were inside a vehicle.

Its main peculiarity, when video games did not take up too much space, was its wide variety of cars. More than 600  models were available to the player, with a world full of possible combinations.

  1. Resident Evil 2

The story will be familiar to us, but, at the time, it was a novelty. The protagonist suddenly finds himself in a world devastated by an unexpected catastrophe. His only option is to fight to survive, which means finishing off his rivals before they finish him off.

  1. Metal Gear Solid

Within the action genre, MGS meant a radical change of concept. Instead of fighting using force, it required a very high dose of intelligence and strategy. The key was to prevent a special forces commando from launching a nuclear attack. To do this, they had to free hostages, infiltrate organizations and go unnoticed.

In a short time, the developers sold more than six million copies. The secret? The use of cinematics combined with pre-recorded voices represented a leap in realism.

  1. Tekken 3

In its early days, the Tekken franchise was released on arcade machines. However, it was in 1998 that it leaped the PS1 to become later one of the most remembered games of another era. The game used the fighting genre in its simplest version, although without neglecting a story based on the King of Steel Fist Tournament.

Everything else was just filler, but it helped create a powerful emotional atmosphere. Martial arts were positioned as the only way to kill Ogre, a creature that terrified humanity.

  1. Grand Theft Auto

We advise you not to compare this first installment with the current ones since they have nothing to do with each other (beyond the visual aspects, even). This game had an essence that was only maintained in specific editions, such as  GTA: San Andreas or  GTA: Vice City. The idea was freedom taken to its maximum exponent.

After numerous titles based on crime-fighting, Rockstar Games presented the player with the possibility of being one of the “bad guys.” This was the beginning of a story that continues to generate great success for the company today.

  1. Rayman

The game takes its name from its protagonist,  a strange creature halfway between a human and a vegetable. This made, at first, that the video game seen as a different option. His mission was to save the world from villains who wanted to gain control of it.

The environment was most surprising, which played with the imagination to take the protagonist to unexpected environments. Everything was a surprise, from a map made with stationery material to another made of magic.

  1. Cool Boarders 2

This installment marked the beginning of interactive maps on a console that, graphically, surprised everyone. The key, in this case, was the world of skating and snow sports. Shortly after, the franchise expanded to encompass a more action-based genre without losing its original essence.

You will probably remember some of these retro  PS1 games. Can you still feel the emotion they generated in you at the time? Undoubtedly, the experiences that we all live are not so easily forgotten. At Cash Converters, we know that trends come back and that none of these timeless titles will fall into oblivion forever.


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