The week of the environment: The big party of Cash Converters!

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The week of the environment: The big party of Cash Converters!

The week of the environment: The big party of Cash Converters!

One more year, the Environment Day has been the reason around which the big party of the entire Cash Converters team has revolved. Celebrating care for the Environment in one day seemed very little to us, so this year (2022) we have decided to extend the party for a week! And what a week…

It’s been a few days to reflect and learn about sustainability in the best way we can think of… Together! Today we tell you all the details so you can relive it with the same desire as us. Ahead!

Sustainable gifts that take care of the Planet

In all celebrations there are parties, and gifts! For this reason, from Cash Converters, we distribute little gifts among all the members of the team. You might be interested in the 5 most expensive jewels in the world. Those of you who know us already know that we are not very fond of plastic bags and what better way to reduce their use than by handing out bags that respect the environment to the team.

And, eye! It’s ugly for us to say it, but they are amazing! Not only because everything comes in, especially because they have a beautiful illustration created by our great design team.

learn, learn and learn

If there is something that we like in Cash Converters, it is to learn every day from our colleagues, but on an occasion like this, we did not want to miss the opportunity to learn from other people. That is why we invite two people with whom we share values ​​and who do an incredible job to share knowledge with the entire team!

As a spoiler, we can tell you that after reading what is coming you are going to want to know more about the Foundation and the company that we are going to talk about…

ECOLEC, our allies in recycling

For those who do not know them yet, ECOLEC  is a non-profit entity that promotes the correct management of electronic and electrical waste (WEEE) and care for the environment. Know more about The 10 benefits of having a humidifier at home Whether you are cold or not. And, in addition, for a year we have been collaborating with them so that our stores are green points where small appliances can be recycled.

We love what they do and we know how important it is for the Planet. For this reason, we invite Rafael Serrano Pastor, Director of Institutional Relations, Marketing and Communication of the ECOLEC Foundation, to tell us more about the work they carry out. We really wanted to know in detail the entire recycling process and even more so when this year we have managed to recycle together with them more than 2,225 kg of products that could no longer be given a second life, but a worthy and respectful end with environment.

By the way, Rafael told us about a concept that left us all shocked and, of course, we want to share with you that you are reading these lines. Did you know that we all have a mine at home? Yes, you read it right. Every time we keep an electronic device that no longer works or simply throw it in the bin, we are helping to promote the growth of what are called “urban mines”.

Think that each electronic device can contain more than 15 metals, many of them are finite (although many times we forget and think that we live on a planet with inexhaustible resources). This means that throwing non-working gadgets in the wrong place, or keeping them as collector’s items, is causing materials to be mined every second to produce new ones instead of using the resources we already have.

Without a doubt, a concept on which we must reflect and, of course, act.

Cooltra, a sustainable way to move around the city

You already know that every day we walk towards a very clear purpose:

Change consumption habits to achieve a more sustainable world economically, socially and environmentally

Well, we’re not the only ones. Within our Environment Week activities, we also met Timo Buetefisch, CEO of Cooltra.

And we do not have enough words to explain how nice it is to receive someone who shares your values ​​in your home . But not only that, it opens with transparency to share its experience and its desire to change the world until it achieves a better world.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know Cooltra, we anticipate that you’re going to love what they do. They offer the possibility of renting electric motorcycles and bikes by the minute in some cities and not only in Spain!

They have a faithful commitment to the environment and thanks to them the CO2 emissions produced by traffic in large cities are considerably reduced on a daily basis.

The perfect closing to a very sustainable week

If the week of the Environment was already being perfect, it still remained to close it in style and with the best allies, you can have. With other companies with a purpose and with whom to do something together for sustainability.

With these concepts on the table, we joined the teams of Leroy Merlin, Grupo La Pole and Tienda Animal to clean the natural enclave of Sacaba beach, in Malaga. And from this alliance came the action “Companies with a Purpose. Together for sustainability»; and also many kilos of garbage that ended up separated by categories and in the corresponding recycling containers.

We only have nice words for all those who participated and for all the companies that collaborated, especially Fundación Autismo Sur, for making the organization of the day so simple and pleasant.

And how could it be otherwise… We were news in several media, but in the way that everyone would like to be: We were good news with something very nice to communicate.

This is only the beginning of everything that is to come because once again… The Movement is made by walking!

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