The Upside Down World, a campaign to spin the circular economy

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The Upside Down World, a campaign to spin the circular economy

The Upside Down World, a campaign to spin the circular economy

The world is upside down! We need to look around us to realize that sometimes the world seems to have gone crazy… But if we think about it… Has the world turned upside down, or have we turned it that way? 

At Cash Converters, we have it very clear that we are the ones who have turned the world (and not always in a good way). We have been carried away by excessive consumption. Without realizing it, we have become consumers of the here and now. We buy without thinking about the consequences that this has for our Planet. 

The time has come to turn the tortilla around. It’s time to make the world go round again, but this time in a good way. Among all, we can achieve it with small gestures of significant impact. 

The circular economy is the best way to make the world go round.

We are 100% used to receiving thousands of hits daily, with which we are encouraged to buy compulsively. The networks are full of influencers taking products out of a box to show them to their followers. But, have you ever stopped to think about how our way of consumption impacts the Planet? 

We already told you that it does have an impact and a lot. Also, it does it in a very negative way. Every time a new product is manufactured, kilos and kilos of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere, large amounts of water are consumed in the manufacturing processes, and finite resources are depleted that are already at the limit in many cases. 

If we don’t change anything, nothing will change. 

Why don’t we start by changing our consumption habits and walk together towards a more sustainable world? Why don’t we give a second chance to all those already manufactured products that continue to work? In short, why don’t we start by turning the circular economy around? 

Now you sell us

We want to break the game’s rules and make an appeal so that instead of buying without stopping, you sell what you no longer use! 

We haven’t gone crazy and want millions of people to believe in second chances as we do. That is the objective of our Converters Movement and that of the more than 327,000 people who are already part of it. 

Think about it because you are in time to turn around the consequences of your actions… 

Instead of generating a carbon footprint, reduce it! 

Instead of spending, increase your savings!

In short, stop turning the world upside down and turn the circular economy around. 

Go to #boxing

We are already tired of seeing how daily the networks are filled with people opening boxes and taking out products of all kinds to convince you to buy them. Unboxing is already a thing of the past; now, what is taking is boxing.

3 reasons to switch to boxing

  • It is the first step to giving a second life to all the products that deserve it. 
  • Every time you do boxing, it means you will avoid the manufacture of a new product and the negative impact that this has on the Planet. 
  • And, of course, it is the best way to earn extra money while promoting conscious and intelligent consumption through the circular economy. 

Do you want to go around the world?


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