The new trend of selling gifts you don’t want

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The new trend of selling gifts you don’t want

The new trend of selling gifts you don’t want

Have you been given something that you don’t like and you think it could be used as a gift for…

Have you been given something that you don’t like and you think it could be used as a gift for someone else? Don’t feel bad, in fact, it’s the best thing we can do for the environment.

Christmas is the period in which more gifts are made, but not all of them are successful. And it is that sometimes they give us things that we do not like and do not need, gifts which (for compliance) we accept and end up stored in a storage room . On the other hand, with so many gifts, there are those who cannot afford more and have financial problems to make more gifts .

It is for all this that we have decided to address this thorny issue and discover it once and for all: Is it wrong to give or sell a gift that we do not want?

Let’s be clear, giving something back is perfectly acceptable, especially with the growing popularity of sustainable second-hand items . And is that why should we throw away or save something that another person wants? This new way of giving is known as regifting and it is becoming more and more fashionable all over the world. Who knows… maybe they have done it to you without you realizing it.

So yes, giving away something that they have given us is acceptable and it is also sustainable, but (there is always a but), like everything in this life there are guidelines that must be followed if you want to do it well (and not get into trouble). Know more about yugo ne shitje.

The 7 rules to give away or sell those gifts you don’t want

Now that we are clear that there is nothing wrong with selling or giving away your gifts, it is important that you know that you should not do it lightly. In fact, there is a whole protocol to give your gifts and avoid problems that you probably had not even imagined . So if you want to do this right, take note of what we are going to tell you next.

Do not give within the same circle

It may seem obvious, but we have to say it: If you don’t want to be the star of an awkward comedy movie, don’t give your gift to someone who knows or is associated with the person who gave the original gift . It is very important that you keep in mind that some of your social circles may overlap and the more unusual or personal your gift is, the more distance you will have to put between the person who gives it to you and who you give it to.

Give things in perfect condition

It goes without saying that if you are going to give a gift, let it be less than perfect and, if possible, have its original box and labels . Just because you barely used that mixer you got and still have the box doesn’t mean you should just duct tape everything together and give it away. Ultimately, a slightly used gift may be acceptable in some situations, but it is not ideal. For cases like this, the best thing you can do is sell your gift on Cash Converters .

Give a gift with the person in mind

Re-gifting shouldn’t be an easy, cheap way to get rid of a “bad” gift. As with a new gift, what we give again must be something that the person to whom we are going to give it to likes . The most important rule is to have a reason for giving, and that is that giving anything away for the sake of it takes away the joy of giving.

Wrap it carefully

If you didn’t have to go to the trouble of choosing and buying the gift, at least put some effort into re-wrapping the gift as well as possible. Don’t even think about reusing the original wrapping paper or dedication card, that would be wrong. If the gift came in a cardboard box (not the original packaging) and the box has become wrinkled, get a new one. Then choose some pretty wrapping paper and decorate it with a bow and ribbons. Gifting means saving the cost of a new purchase, but that doesn’t mean you can skip the time it takes to get it right.

Don’t give sentimental gifts

Another normal essential is not to give anything again if there are feelings involved . From the scarf your aunt knitted for you to an heirloom piece of jewelry, it’s best to keep it. If you still don’t want it, there’s always the possibility of donating it to a charity or selling your gift on Cash Converters and having it bought by someone totally unknown. And it is that before throwing something away, we can always give it a second life far from our own.

If it’s personalized, don’t give it away

There are many potentially good gifts to re-gift—a book, electronics, or jewelry—but check them carefully for customizations . Imagine that you give something as a gift and when you open the box a personalized note appears or on the sides there is an engraving for you. Basically, if your name shows up somewhere, don’t give it away.

Do not be embarrased

You don’t need to say you’re going to re-gift something (in fact, it’s best not to), but at the same time you shouldn’t feel bad about it . If you have followed all the rules that we have given you, you will be sure that you have given your gift to someone who will appreciate it and need it more than you. And that’s a great thing. In addition, you will be having an ecological conscience when doing it, so you will feel proud to do it . As long as your gift makes sense, is well thought out and has a good intention, you can’t go wrong.

If you receive a re-gift, please kindly accept it.

When we talk about gift giving being fashionable and more common than you think, we mean it. Imagine that you unwrap a gift from a friend or family member and realize that it is something that was recently given to that person. The best thing you can do is smile and say thank you . Perhaps the person who gave it to you was so sure that you would love it, or that you would get much more use out of the gift than they did. Although you shouldn’t think wrong from the start , she may have bought the same new item for you and it may not be a recycled gift.

And here are our tips for re-gifting! Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel bad about re-giving or even selling a gift that was given to you. Think that you will be giving a second life to the gift in the most sustainable and ethical way possible . Although remember to follow each and every one of our rules to do it the right way and without getting into trouble. Until next time!

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