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The first symptoms of pregnancy can be confused with those of

The first symptoms of pregnancy can be confused with those of

Each woman experiences the symptoms in a different way, but generally the arrival of menstruation usually causes us discomfort in the lower abdomen, swelling in the breasts and in the abdominal area, mood swings, tiredness, etc.

The truth is that these symptoms can also be confused with the first symptoms of pregnancy . These signs can be interpreted in one way or another depending on the state of each woman. If she is not looking for a baby, she will surely be preparing for the monthly appointment with her period, but if the desire is to be a mother, the feeling and the hope are different.

Symptoms of pregnancy: are they or do we want them to be?

When we are looking for a baby and each month we wish that this is the one with the big news , the symptoms of pregnancy can be idealized, wanting to believe that these discomforts are due to a pregnancy when in fact it is not the reason.

Pain in the lower abdomen, as well as a slight swelling in the area, are an indicator that the period is approaching, but it could also be due to the typical discomfort of the first weeks of pregnancy when the embryo settles in the uterus. As you can see, it is not an infallible sign of pregnancy, far from it.

Likewise, the changes in the breasts are confusing and their intensity varies according to the sensitivity of each woman. They always tend to swell when the period approaches, but those of us who have experienced it know that the sensitivity is exaggerated when you are really pregnant. The breasts hurt at the slightest touch, when touching them, when putting on your bra and even when hitting the drops of water from the shower on them. Check out more interesting topics on our site Faith Blog.

If you happen to have a little dizziness, nausea or a delay, hopes up the ante. But you have to know that a delay is not always synonymous with pregnancy .

Stress, emotional changes, a trip or some medication, as well as the woman’s age, can occasionally cause the period not to arrive. For example, during puberty and in pre-menopausal women, cycles can present irregular rhythms, without this implying a pregnancy. It can also be due to a gynecological problem such as a cyst or delayed ovulation, in which case you should consult a specialist.

implantation bleeding

If in addition to the symptoms we mentioned we have a slight bleeding , the situation can be even more disconcerting. We believe that it is due to the arrival of the rule, when in reality it is what is known as implantation bleeding . It is caused by the nesting of the fertilized egg in the walls of the uterus.

It can be confused with the first day of the period, but unlike menstruation, this bleeding is usually lighter and darker. And it lasts one to three days at the most.

To get rid of doubts, the pregnancy test

Faced with these first confusing symptoms, the only way to get rid of doubts is to buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy and do it at home. To have a reliable pregnancy, it is best to do it at least one day late and with the first urine in the morning. You can also buy a highly sensitive test that promises a reliable result even before you have a delay.

Either way. If you are trying to have a baby and any symptoms make you think that you are pregnant, remember that it is not good to obsess about trying to get pregnant , since the effects of this obsession can begin to negatively affect your mental health and mood.

The frustration can be very great, especially when the search is extending more than desired or much more than that of some friends who were “first time” . But we know that comparisons are odious and in this case, harmful. You have to avoid getting overwhelmed trying to be positive and putting aside the obsession with getting pregnant, which is a bad counselor. I know it’s easy to say it when you’re not in the skin, but to lift that spirit that surely when you least expect it and stop thinking about babies, it happens.

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