The 5 most expensive jewels in the world From a sign of status

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The 5 most expensive jewels in the world From a sign of status

The 5 most expensive jewels in the world From a sign of status

From a sign of status, power and wealth for some, to investment for others, jewelry has played a very important role in the history of mankind and today its value continues to grow. And for this reason, there are many who are willing to spend large sums of money to achieve some of the most expensive jewels in the world and be the proud owners of a famous piece within the reach of very few.

But this feeling of owning something unique and striking is not from now, and the pharaohs, emperors, kings and nobles were attracted by the glow of gold and the shine that sunlight achieves when reflected on precious stones.

Such is the importance of some of the most expensive jewels in the world, that these are considered by experts as works of art. Would you like know more about The week of the environment: The big party of Cash Converters!. And if you think about it carefully, this makes sense, since like a painting or sculpture by a famous artist, the most expensive jewels in the world are because they are unique, cannot be repeated and, the vast majority of them, because of their historical value.

The most expensive gemstones in the world

The price of some of the most expensive jewelry in history is determined by the type of gem used. These minerals, which are found naturally all over the planet, are true treasures of nature and, depending on society, have symbolism and meaning. For some peoples they are highly appreciated for their healing powers, while for others it is religious or a way of representing love.

Currently the most expensive gemstones in the world are valued for their rarity, color, grade, size and beauty . Some of them are:

  1. Blue Diamond – $3.93 million per carat.
  1. Jadeite – 3 million dollars per carat.
  1. Pink Diamond – $1.19 million per carat.
  1. Red Diamond – $1 million per carat.
  1. Emerald – $305,000 per carat.
  1. Taaffeíta – $35,000 per carat.
  1. Grandidierite – $20,000 per carat.
  1. Serendibite – $18,000 per carat.
  1. Diamond – $15,000 per carat.
  1. Black Opal – $15,000 per carat.

The most expensive jewelry brands in the world

In addition to the historical value of the piece and the precious stone used in it, the name of the goldsmith and the company in charge of making it also influences the price of the most expensive jewels in history.

Some of the most expensive jewelry brands in the world are:

  1. Harry Winston.
  1. Cartier.
  1. Van Cleef & Arpels.
  1. Buccellati.
  1. Tiffany & Co.
  1. Graff.
  1. Piaget.
  1. Bvlgari.
  1. Mikimoto.
  1. Chopard.

Top 5 of the most expensive jewels in the world

After seeing what factors determine the value of a piece of jewelry, it is time to find out which are the 5 most expensive jewels in the world:

1. Hope Diamond – Valued at over $300 million

One of the most expensive jewels in history is the Hope Diamond, made with a precious stone with a rare blue coloration caused by boron atoms and that when moving away from a light source gives off red hues .

Its value is not only in the more than 45 carats of the precious stone, it also lies in the history that surrounds this jewel, full of mysteries, legends and curses .

The stone was originally much larger in size when mined from the Golkonda mines in India. The merchant who obtained it in 1666 named it Travernier Blue in his honor, but two years later it was renamed French Blue after carving to be given to King Louis XIV. It would be in the royal family until 1792, the year in which it was removed and carved again. The largest piece of the diamond was the one that received the name of Hope, in honor of the London banking family that obtained it in 1839. Since then, what is considered the most expensive jewel in history has passed through several owners, until that the last, Harry Winston, will donate it in 1958 to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History , where it remains to this day.

2. Graff’s Peacock Brooch – $100 million

Made by one of the most expensive jewelery brands in the world , this brooch first went on sale in 2013 in the Netherlands.

Although its history is not comparable with the previous piece, its peculiar peacock shape with its open fanned feathers, where more than 1,300 white, yellow, orange and blue diamonds are distributed , and with a strange dark blue diamond as a central piece, makes it worthy of a second place in this top of the most expensive jewels in the world.

It is currently unknown who owns the Peacock Brooch or its whereabouts.

3. Pink Star – $71.2 million

The Pink Star is the name of one of the most expensive jewels in the world and is made from a rough diamond of more than 130 carats extracted in South Africa in 1999.

After subjecting the diamond to more than 20 months of carving, the current shape was achieved, obtaining what is considered the jewel with the largest flawless pink diamond with a total of 59.6 carats.

After being auctioned in 2017 in Hong Kong for a value of 71.2 million dollars, the Pink Star became the property of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises. Before that, the gem called Steinmetz Pink was part of the “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution.

4. Oppenheimer Blue – $57.5 million

Featuring one of the world’s most expensive gemstones, the Oppenheimer Blue features a stunning deep blue emerald-cut diamond weighing 14.62 carats. Like the Pink Star, this jewel also holds the record for being considered the piece with the largest Fancy Vivid blue diamond in the world .

Everything that surrounds this piece of jewelry is a mystery, today its owner is unknown and the history of its origin is not clear . It is believed to come from the De Beers mines in South Africa, was stolen in the early 20th century and was a gift from Sir Phillip Oppenheimer to his wife, who died in 1995.

5. L’ Incomparable – $55 million

This piece is considered one of the most expensive necklaces in the world and it is not for less. It is made with an 18-carat gold base, where more than 407 carats of diamonds are deposited and its central part highlights one of the largest Internally Flawless yellow diamonds.

One of the things that stands out in the history of the most expensive necklace in the world is the origin of the large yellow diamond. This one was found some 30 years ago in a pile of mining debris in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by a young woman.

Sustainable jewelry, a growing trend

Although it is clear that the most expensive jewels in history are not available to everyone and that the way of obtaining their precious stones is not the most ethical and responsible, the market trend is changing and they are betting on a much fairer and with a much smaller impact on the environment.

One form of sustainable jewellery is to choose to give jewellery a second life and acquire second-hand jewellery products like the ones you will find at Cash Converters. These, in addition to being cheaper jewellery, are also much more sustainable by avoiding air and water contamination with chemicals due to the manufacturing and extraction process.

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