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The 5 best mountain bike helmets

The 5 best mountain bike helmets

Choosing helmets for your mountain bike is a fundamental task to complete your cycling kit since your comfort and safety will depend on their performance. This article will review the best options for you to have calmer and more pleasant outings.

Radix Twist

Giro is one of the market leaders, and it is not by chance. This helmet is perfect for keeping you company on the most demanding outings. Its weight is very light  (not exceeding 300 grams), so you can carry it comfortably. You won’t even notice you have it on. Due to its performance, it can be used on enduro tracks.

In total, this helmet has  25 ventilation holes. During the hottest months, you will appreciate how easy air can pass through the entire upper area. You will also notice its effects on long outings since the accumulated sweat in your hair will be significantly reduced.

Of course, security is something that should never be lacking. It has the Roc Loc 5.5 system, which gives you greater freedom when adjusting the helmet. In addition, if this model has a strong point, its excellent resistance to impacts since it has the MIPS system. In the event of a fall, its materials have been designed to reduce the energy produced, as they absorb a large part of the blow to protect the brain.

Finally, the visor of this helmet is very versatile. It has  15 levels of adjustment so you can get the visibility you need. It is also advantageous in rainy weather, as it reduces the water on the glasses.

Mavic Crossmax SL Pro

This helmet is designed for outings on all types of roads. Its lightness will also help climb slopes since it weighs only  265 grams. In addition, its good aerodynamics will favor you when you drive at high speed or if you want to use it on the road. To improve visibility, it has been designed in a fluorescent yellow hue.

Comfort while walking is crucial so that your outing does not take too long. Its padding system is of great help to achieve this. So is its internal fabric, which has a high degree of breathability and will keep sweat away from your head.

Like the previous model, this Mavic helmet has the  MIPS system that will protect you against possible impacts in the event of an accident.

Abus Storm Chaser

This helmet is multidisciplinary. Its shape adapts to the road and the mountains, although it is also compatible with cyclocross practice. Its multiple longitudinal openings make it a perfect option for the hottest days. It has 7 air inlets and 16 outlets at the rear. This will keep your head cool at all times.

If you have long hair, you will be interested to know that with this helmet, you will not need to leave it loose since it is suitable for wearing.

It is also important to note that glasses will never cause you problems again with this helmet. Thanks to a new system, which the manufacturer has called  AirPort, you can put on your glasses faster and more safely. For fixing it to the helmet itself, 2 rails have been integrated on both sides through which the pins fit perfectly. You will also appreciate this if you decide to take them off any time since you will have a safe place to place them.

Spiuk Dharma

This model is in the highest range of the Spanish firm. It will offer you all the lightness you need for any outing. Like the previous model, it is suitable for road and cyclocross. In addition, it incorporates a Supercage structure, which makes the difference when you have to choose between different mountain bike helmets since it facilitates the entry of air through the forehead. You will not have problems maintaining a suitable temperature on the hottest days.

Its excellent ventilation is completed with a  removable visor, so you can remove it on windy days or when there is not too much sun. In this way, you will gain in aerodynamics. Finally, to avoid the discomfort of insects, it incorporates a set of pads that prevent them from entering the helmet’s interior.

Your security with this model will not be in the background. Spiuk has designed it with the patented Conehead technology. Take advantage of a double-density foam that increases shock absorption and reduces the intensity of the blow in the event of an accident.

Bell 4forty

We complete this list with one of the best helmets from the North American manufacturer. Its use is oriented to high-difficulty outputs. It has a sound ventilation system with  15 vents, so that heat and sweat do not accumulate on your head. The visor is adjustable and features MIPS technology to reduce the intensity of impacts. The total weight of the set is 324 grams in size M.

Something important when you have to choose your bicycle accessories is simplicity. This helmet has an effortless closure that you can handle even when you are on the move. Its Float-Fit system is fast and very safe.

Buying second-hand helmets can help you save a lot of money. In addition, you will avoid the emission of several kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Betting on the circular economy can favor the planet and your pocket. Remember that specialized technicians check all our helmets to guarantee their correct operation. We know they are reliable, so we offer you a 2-year guarantee with your purchase. We also take care that it reaches your home for free, and if you need it, we will finance it for you.


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