The 10 benefits of having a humidifier at home Whether you are cold or

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The 10 benefits of having a humidifier at home Whether you are cold or

The 10 benefits of having a humidifier at home Whether you are cold or

Whether you live in a very cold climate or a very hot one, you can enjoy all the benefits of a humidifier at home. We must not forget that our home has its own microclimate and its humidity can be abruptly affected by changes in temperature.

In winter the humidity drops due to the use of heating, while in summer high temperatures and heat waves also cause a very dry environment in warmer climates. It is in these cases where a humidifier will be our best ally, since it will help us control that the humidity levels in our house are adequate.

What is the humidifier?

A humidifier is a device designed to release water vapor and thus increase the humidity values ​​in the air.

Although many people confuse them, a humidifier is not the same thing as an air purifier. You might be interested in the 5 most expensive jewels in the world. While the function of the humidifier is to add humidity to the environment, which can cause the quality of the air to improve, the air purifier is responsible for cleaning the air in the room in which it is located.

There are several types of humidifiers:

  • Evaporators. They expel air that passes through a moistened filter thanks to a fan.
  • ultrasonic humidifiers. They spray water that turns into a kind of mist thanks to a series of high-frequency vibrations.
  • Vaporizers. They give off steam when boiling water. They are the most common and the most recommended, since thanks to their system, water vapor free of impurities and pathogens is achieved. If you are thinking of buying one at the best price, you cannot stop browsing our second-hand humidifier section .

What are the benefits of the humidifier?

Humidity is understood as the relationship between water vapor and the air in an environment. The more water in the air, the higher the degree of humidity and vice versa.

It is recommended that the humidity level of a room ranges between 40 and 60%, otherwise it can negatively affect both our health and the elements that make up the environment. Know more about the Exercise bike or elliptical, which one to choose to burn calories at home?. And it is that humidity not only affects humans, pets, plants and even furniture are affected.

Thanks to these devices we will be able to regulate the level of humidity in our home, but this is not the only advantage of their use. Let’s see the top 10 benefits of home humidifier:

1. Humidifier benefits for allergies

There is a belief that the humidifiers of yesteryear could favor the proliferation of mites due to the high production of humidity. However, thanks to today’s humidifiers and their ability to regulate the level of water in the air, allergy symptoms can be alleviated and new allergies prevented.

2. Humidifier benefits for asthma

Being exposed to dry environments is very harmful for asthmatics, as it can cause constriction and irritation in the lungs, even triggering asthma attacks.

The main benefits of the humidifier for asthma are that they facilitate breathing by avoiding obstruction, allowing the lungs to function properly thanks to the air passages being open and relaxed.

3. Benefits of humidifier for dry cough

The benefits of the humidifier for dry coughs should also be highlighted, since thanks to this it is possible to keep the throat and nose hydrated, especially in the colder months.

Its use is highly recommended to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. By getting more moisture into the airways, you will be able to release more phlegm thanks to a productive cough.

4. Humidifier benefits for dry skin and hair

Another benefit of the humidifier is that it helps keep the skin and hair hydrated, achieving a much healthier and more youthful appearance.

We must not forget that around 60% of the human body is water, so being exposed for long periods to dry environments can be very harmful. Some of the main symptoms are chapped lips, dry skin, and brittle hair.

Humidifiers are an excellent tool to prevent them from drying out by helping us create an environment with the right amount of water in the air.

5. Benefits of the humidifier for sleep

Among the benefits of the humidifier for sleeping, its ability to reduce, and even prevent, snoring stands out. Something that will not only benefit the person who snores, but also those who must share a room.

By using the humidifier to sleep we will prevent the respiratory tract from drying out, especially if you sleep with your mouth open, which will cause a better rest and will also prevent us from waking up with a headache, dry nostrils or a sore throat.

6. Benefits of humidifier for babies

Although special care must be taken when using these devices in rooms where there are minors, always guaranteeing their correct use and adult supervision, there are many benefits of humidifiers for babies.

Thanks to the increase in humidity and air quality , babies rest better , in addition to avoiding skin irritations, dryness of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract, relieving cold symptoms and helping to fight mucus.

7. Benefits of the humidifier in heat waves

Although many people associate the use of this device with the winter months, there are many benefits of the humidifier in heat waves.

Keep in mind that summers are getting hotter and drier , which means that each year we suffer more heat waves. If we add to this that the use of air conditioners also promotes drier atmospheres, the result is that we are exposed for longer to environments with very low humidity levels.

With humidifiers we will be able to reduce the dryness of the environment thanks to its ability to vaporize water into the environment, helping us to achieve that ideal level that ranges between 40 – 60% humidity.

8. Benefits of the humidifier for the cold

Just as humidifiers help with heat waves, they are also a great tool for reducing the feeling of cold in the home in the winter months.

Although these do not affect the temperature of the room, thanks to their ability to increase the humidity of the environment, the sensation of dryness and cold will be much less, avoiding having to use the heating so frequently.

9. Benefits of the humidifier for furniture and plants

As we have already mentioned before, sudden changes in humidity do not only affect us . There are many benefits of a humidifier for furniture and houseplants.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of indoor plants that are marketed are native to the jungle, therefore, they need a humid environment to be able to thrive and grow properly.

Similarly, all the wooden furniture in your home will also benefit from the use of a humidifier if it is exposed to an excessively dry environment, since the wood tends to crack and split.

10. Benefits of the humidifier in aromatherapy

There are many benefits of the humidifier in aromatherapy, since thanks to this type of device it is possible to diffuse the different essential oils in the environment and make the most of all their qualities, helping us to achieve both mental and physical well -being .

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