Seven gestures with which your baby shows you his love even if he can’t

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Seven gestures with which your baby shows you his love even if he can’t

Seven gestures with which your baby shows you his love even if he can’t

Words are very powerful, but even though your baby can’t pronounce them yet – she still can’t pronounce “I love you” – she will make gestures of love with which you will melt .

A look, a smile, stretching out his arms to be with you, those slobbery kisses that we cannot like more are some demonstrations of affection from your baby with which he tells you that he loves you even though he cannot speak yet .

He does not tell you with words but with gestures

looks of love

At birth, the baby does not see very well. The best focus distance for him is between 20 and 30 centimeters, precisely the one between the face of his mother and him when he is nursing.

As he grows and perfects his vision, he will be able to recognize you not only by smell, but also by looking at you. When talking to him, singing to him or addressing him with affectionate words, his little eyes react with a look of love that melts us.

He cannot express it to you with words, but with that tender and transparent look, he is telling you that he loves you.

the community smile

The smile is a more powerful gesture of connection between two people and your baby will also give it to you at some point, approximately between the fourth and sixth week of life his first smile arrives , a social smile in response to a stimulus from the father or mother. mother .

Little by little, in response to stimuli, cuddles and caresses, he will add sounds to the smile and accompany it with a movement of his hands and legs.


Around one month of age, the baby begins to emit sounds that come from the back of the mouth, they are the first babble .

They are sounds that will be perfected, and from the sixth month to the ninth, the baby will begin to form repeated and long-lasting syllabic chains, like the classic ma-ma-ma-ma, pa-pa-pa-pa, ta-ta -ta-ta, etc. This stage is called reduplicative babbling. Check out more interesting topics on our site Faith Blog.

Soon the time will come when I call you mom or dad for the first time, and I assure you that you will melt with love, again.

Stretch your arms

With his body movements, our baby can also communicate without speaking.

And one of the moments in which we die of love is when he stretches out his arms towards us asking us to hold him, to take him out of the crib or simply wants to be in our arms, the best place where he can be.

crawl towards you

When he begins to crawl, or even if he has not yet perfected the technique, to crawl, your baby will want to discover the world at his level.

He will begin to explore all the corners of the house, but he will also crawl towards you as his refuge . It will thus look for your arms and its safe place while experiencing small moments of autonomy.

Her caresses

Whether with his little hands or his feet, the baby will always try to be in contact with your skin . It is something that becomes very evident when he is breastfed or bottle-fed; the baby stretches out his hands to touch mom’s or dad’s face or hand, or caress whoever is feeding him.

The baby by its nature, needs skin-to-skin contact to feel safe. With this gesture, he is also telling you that he loves you without telling you with words.

His slimy kisses

Is there anything more beautiful than those slobbery open mouth kisses from our baby? Your baby knows that it is a gesture of love towards another person. In fact, a recent study has found that babies associate saliva sharing with having a close emotional bond .

These are some gestures that your baby makes to show you his love even if he can’t speak yet. Then she will learn how to do it and along with these demonstrations, she will pronounce an “I love you” that will be heavenly music to your ears.

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