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Meaning Of The Name Akane Origin, Numerology & Popularity

Meaning Of The Name Akane Origin, Numerology & Popularity

The female name Akane originates from Japan and, due to its origins and history, is closely linked to purity, beauty and the world of plants and flowers. If you want to discover the meaning of Akane, as well as the origin of the name, its popularity and its numerology, do not miss the article that we bring you below. We also discover what Akane’s personality is like so that you keep its meaning in mind if you are thinking of giving your daughter this name. Akane is a girl’s name .

What does Akane mean?

Akene is a beautiful name of Japanese origin that means ” the one that is beautiful like a plant that shines in the sun “, although many experts in Japanese language bet on translating Akane as “plant that shines in the sun”.

The relationship between the name Akane, beauty, purity and the world of flowers is found in its culture of origin, as Akane is the name given to the species Rubia cordifolia in Japan.

Origin of the name Akane

The origin of the female name Akane is found in Japan , a country that has the largest city in the world. In addition, to talk about the history and origin of Akane we must mention the herbaceous species Rubia cordifolia , since Akane is the name it receives in that country.

Akane is a name that is associated with the color red , because this color is born from the roots of said plant.

Diminutives and variations of the name Akane

Although variations of the name Akane are not officially known, some diminutives do exist :

  • Kane
  • Aki
  • Ane o Anne
  • Aka

The name Akane in other languages

Akane is a Japanese name that is not translated into any other language . However, we can say that Akane in Japanese is:

  • Akane

Personality of the name Akane

The girls named Akane stand out for their sensitivity ; Although it is true that this has a negative side (they are easily offended and avoid conversations that could end in conflict), in general, this sensitivity makes them people with a strong artistic tendency .

They are loyal and dedicated women, because they give everything for love and for what they firmly believe in. In general, girls named Akane enjoy helping others and are conspicuous for their tenderness, delicacy, and intelligence.

Celebrities with the name Akane

  • Akane Tendo – Deuteragonist of the Ranma ½ anime series pictured below. Although it is true that she is a character, this name gained a lot of popularity thanks to her, as the Ranma series premiered in different countries.
  • Akane Tsunemori : star of the anime series Psycho-Pass.
  • Akane Omae : Japanese voice actress.
  • Akane Ikegami : diseñadora e ilustradora japonesa.

Akane’s Saint’s Day

In the Christian calendar, Akane does not have a name date .

Numerology Of The Name Akane

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Akane is 5 .

Popularity of the first name Akane

As we can see on the map below, Akane is a very unpopular name in Spain. There are currently 184 women named Akane in the territory, however, the average age of these girls is 7.9 years, so it is a young name that may gain popularity in the future.

The municipalities in Spain where the most girls named Akane live are Huesca and Álava by far, although they are closely followed by Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Barcelona.

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