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How to save on back to school

How to save on back to school

Many families consider how to save on going back to school. And we are not surprised! Going back to school means countless added expenses for families. Most money is spent on books, technology, and school supplies. In addition, there are cases where it is necessary to buy uniforms and pay for extracurricular activities or private classes.

Save on back to school?

Except for the Christmas holidays, this is one of the times of the year when more purchases are registered. In addition, we must add another phenomenon; the increase in the demand for electronic devices for educational purposes. The list of necessary items, as families know, is endless. Therefore, most of them wonder how to save on going back to school.

Here are some helpful tips for cutting your outlay if this is your case. We give you some valuable information: giving used items a second life can reduce spending considerably.

Make a list of everything you need to save on returning to school.

Perhaps the best way to control a budget is to put it on paper or in an Excel table. You can follow this advice with your monthly household budget as well. If you don’t do it yet, start, and you will see how soon you will get magnificent results.

Make a list of everything you need to buy and the estimated price. You can segment the essential products and others that are more expendable. This action serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, you can know everything your children require to return to the classroom at a glance. You will be able to estimate your foreseeable expenses.

On the other hand, when you go shopping, it will be easier for you to stick to that budget. Otherwise, you could spend without control. In addition to this, you can save the list for the following year. In this way, you will compare and discover where you were able to adjust the expenses more.

Take stock of what you have at home.

Before reaching for your bag, first, look around you. Is there any usable or reusable material in your house? Do you have pencils, notebooks, or books that your children can use during this school year? In those endless lists of school supplies, there are usually colored pencil cases, craft products, etc. Indeed there is the material of this type in your home that has been left over from last year.

Think about possible unforeseen expenses

In addition to the school supplies provided by the teachers, you have to include other expenses in your budget. The accounts need to balance. Sports activities, excursions, and private lessons are some examples of concepts that parents often overlook. Track all costs throughout the course, including, for example, graduation or field trips. Plan, using previous years as a reference. That way, everything will fit.

Buy second-hand products

This option allows you to save a lot of money. Used textbooks, laptops, and other devices can be in excellent condition. Some establishments provide you with a quality service at much lower prices than the new ones.

If the items are in good condition, you may not even notice the difference from a brand new one. If you need laptops, you should read this article where we tell you the 6 ideal laptops for children.

The products are guaranteed for two years and have been tested to verify that they work as if they were new. The possibilities of acquiring second-hand products do not end there. You can even buy second-hand musical instruments and sportswear!

Find cheap uniforms

Some schools have uniform exchange programs. Some ask parents to donate those they no longer need during the year. They then offer them to those who want to save, often for free or with a small donation. There’s also the option of checking out local thrift stores.

Take advantage of student discounts.

Apart from buying second-hand products, if you are going to buy electronic devices, some establishments offer discounts for school children. Back to school,  businesses are aware of the sales potential they have. Therefore, they use all kinds of customer acquisition techniques. Among them are special prices for families who need school supplies.

Compare prices

Before you go shopping for school essentials, it’s a good idea to shop online. This way, you will have more security than if you buy cheap.

Visit the websites of the leading suppliers of these products and those of supermarket chains. Check the cost of everything you buy, be it computers, backpacks, pencils, notebooks or clothes.

Beware of “Buy Now, Pay Later” services.

These services allow you to defer payments, making them effective in installments. As these forms of payment become more widespread, more families are turning to them for back to school. However, not all of these payment options are created equal. Interest rates can vary widely. Therefore, we recommend that you read the small print carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Sometimes it is advisable not to make a purchase, rather than borrow more than necessary. Consider talking to a teacher at the school to find out what material is essential.


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