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How to cool a room at the best price read for more

How to cool a room at the best price read for more

Summer is one of the most anticipated times of the year because we associate it with fun, rest, quality time with family, and relaxation. While all this is true, it is also true that with summer comes high temperatures , which can be enjoyed when you are on the beach or in the pool, but which are truly unbearable when you are at home and especially when you are trying to sleep.

Extreme temperatures do not allow you to carry out your daily activities in the best way and that is why it is necessary to find effective ways to combat them.

Perhaps when you think how to cool a room or your house, your mind automatically goes to air conditioning, but not everyone can access this air conditioning system, not only because of its high cost, but also because of the amount of energy it consumes, there are also other people who for health reasons cannot have these devices in their homes. What is the alternative? You might be interested in the 30 years present.

There are homemade methods to cool the house, which are natural and inexpensive. Next, we will tell you what are the best ways to cool a room at the best price. Don’t miss out on these amazing tips!

The best tips to cool a room without spending a lot of money

We have reached the central part of this article and then we will show you the best tips to cool your house on very hot days. Take note and put them into practice!

Keep the blinds down and close the curtains and doors

Approximately 30% of the unwanted heat that enters your home comes from the windows . That is why it is essential that you identify the hours of the day in which your house receives light and direct heat from the sun. In houses facing east, the sun will come in the morning. On the contrary, in west-facing houses it will make an appearance around 3 in the afternoon. When this particular time arrives, lower the blinds and close the windows, curtains and doors. Check out the 30 years old present.

If the sun’s rays hit the windows and balconies directly from early in the morning, the temperature inside the house will gradually rise , so that it will be an “oven” when night falls.

Keeping the house dark in the middle of summer is the best way to stay about 5 degrees below the temperature outside.

You should reopen the windows and doors at nightfall because those cooler air currents are what will keep your house ventilated to start the next day.

Take advantage of natural light sources

Traditional light bulbs convert electrical energy into 5% light and 95% heat , so LED light bulbs or lamps are essential for the home because they transform a much higher percentage into light and less into heat. In addition, they are less harmful to the environment.

Even if your rooms have LED lights, we recommend that you turn them on only when absolutely necessary. For this reason, we advise you to let in natural light , opening the windows at times when the sun is not at its strongest or opening your blinds and curtains.

Avoid turning on appliances

Any appliance in operation heats up and gives off heat . Appliances are sources of heat that load the environment without us realizing it, so it is best to disconnect, turn off or program when all the appliances that you are not using come on. It is obvious that you will not be able to unplug the fridge, but you can turn off the television if no one is watching it, you can try to cook without using the oven or avoid using the dishwasher or iron in the middle of the day. Know more about the gift for 30 year old woman.

If you definitely have to use one of these more heat-producing appliances, try to do it at night .

Cooking in low temperature hours

We recommend cooking when the sun rises or after the most intense hours of the heat because this way you will not add more heat to the temperature of your environment, this also helps to prevent the heat from being locked up in the kitchen.

Another tip is that when cooking you turn on the exhaust hood as this will help you eliminate heat sources in the kitchen. As in the previous case, you can also have a kitchen robot that you can program to do certain tasks that emit heat.

use fans

Resorting to the use of the fan in the hottest moments is a very common practice and the latest technologies have brought new equipment with which you can enjoy a pleasant room temperature, as well as cool the house in its entirety. For example, there are mobile air conditioners that can be transported to the exact space you need to cool. You can also incorporate ceiling fans, which will circulate the air in your rooms, preventing the heat from stagnating.

Pro Tip: Know that a fan doesn’t cool itself, it just moves the air around the room. If you want to cool a room effectively, place a metal container with ice and go outside in front of a fan (at a safe distance), if possible on window sills directing air into the room. The salt will make the ice water below the freezing point.

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Create natural air currents

Those windows through which the air comes out must be opened completely, ensuring that they are always the ones that face directly onto the street. On the contrary, the windows through which the air enters should be opened only a little. In this way you will ensure that natural air currents are generated in the house , when entering through one window and leaving through another.

A trick of popular wisdom is to wet the curtains with water and take advantage of the fresh air that comes out when passing through them.

Include plants in your decoration and water them

Plants are one of the most aesthetically pleasing tricks to cool down a room. These living beings not only serve to decorate and brighten up any corner, but they can also help you lower the temperature . Therefore, a terrace or balcony with plants is always cooler than one without plants. Indoor plants naturally cool your home, especially if you water them at nightfall.

Some plants such as ivy or vines help the sun shine less on the house and less heat enters if you place them on the balcony walls. Inside the house you can refresh the environment with large green leafy plants.

Pay attention to the fabrics

During the summer you should “dress” your rooms with fabrics that do not retain heat and are cool. Remove thick rugs and curtains that are not essential to you. Try to make the curtains and bedding light and in light tones of materials such as silk, cotton or linen.

In addition, it is a very good idea to change the duvet on the bed for a light bedspread or cover the sofa with a light cover in light tones.

wet the ground

If you want to achieve an authentic sensation of freshness at home, in the case of ceramic floors, scrub the terraces, balconies and rooms with cold water in the morning , it is a fairly effective method of lowering the temperature. The water will take the heat from the ground to evaporate, making the room cool. Thus, the room temperature will drop slightly, but immediately.

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