From the first to the last Nintendo console, all that exist

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From the first to the last Nintendo console, all that exist

From the first to the last Nintendo console, all that exist

One only has to look back and look at the list of all Nintendo consoles to see how the company has released hit after hit, surprising experts and consumers alike.

And it is that although for many gamers and lovers of technology, this company has been left in the background for not betting on eSports, the reality is that Nintendo is still one of the most powerful names in the video game sector .

nintendo history

Surely if you are reading this article you know a little about the company or something about its beginnings sounds familiar to you , but in case there is any clueless, we are going to briefly see the history of Nintendo. You might be interested in the couple halloween costume ideas.

Since its birth in 1889 until today, this Japanese company has stood out in the entertainment industry for its quality games. Until 1949 the company only produced card games with designs and illustrations made by hand. Thanks to the fact that their cards did not have numbers, they were able to circumvent the Japanese government’s anti-gambling law and became very popular.

Later, in 1959, the company reached an agreement with Disney to use their characters in their playing cards, which was very well received by Japanese families. In this period he also began to publish books with the rules of the various games.

Thanks to its popularity, Nintendo decided to go public in 1962 and expand its business model a year later, betting on new products and services, such as the manufacture of instant rice, a chain of love hotels, a taxi service or as a distributor. of a vacuum cleaner that worked with a remote control, all of them with little success, except for the toys.

Research, a key aspect

It was then, in 1964, that the company decided to bet on this branch and open a department for research and development of games . The Rabbit Coaster was the first toy that Nintendo launched in Japan, although one of the first to be successful was the Ultra Hand designed by Gupei Yokoi, an extendable arm inspired by one of the machines used by engineers in factories. Thanks to Yokoi’s ideas and engineering knowledge, the development of electronic toys continued , which over the years, in 1975, led to the launch of the first Nintendo video game console , in collaboration with the American company Magnavox. , which was named the Magnavox Odyssey. learn more about masquerade halloween costume.

After seeing the potential of consoles and video games, the company decided to continue with the development of this type of device, entering the sector of recreational machines , with Donkey Kong, and portable consoles , with Game & Watch, from which it came to sell more than 43 million units.

Since then, Nintendo has not stopped launching consoles and video games, selling more than a billion units. What has made it the successful multinational it is today despite strong competition.

All Nintendo consoles for years

To learn a little better about the history and evolution of the company, we have prepared a timeline with all Nintendo consoles for years:

1977: Color TV-Game

This first Nintendo console release was not very original, since being the Magnavox license it was limited to imitating the game Stink, where you had to hit a square ball with some rods.

Models of the Color TV-Game:

  • Color TV-Game 6.
  • Color TV-Game 15.
  • Color TV Racing 112.
  • Color TV Block Kuzushi.
  • Computer TV Game.

1980: Game&Watch

Of all Nintendo consoles, this is considered the first portable and its launch was a complete success thanks to its simplicity, great battery and low price. In addition to a minigame, this little console also included a clock and an alarm. learn more about halloween decorations.

Game&Watch models :

  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Widescreen.
  • Multiscreen.
  • New Widescreen.
  • Tabletop.
  • Panorama.
  • Super Color.
  • Micro VS System.
  • Glass Screen.
  • Nintendo Mini Classics.
  • Color Screen.

1983: Nintendo Entertainment System (1983)

Also known as the Famicom or NES, without a doubt of all Nintendo consoles and the video game industry itself, this was one of its most important releases .

It revolutionized the market and achieved worldwide success thanks to games that today are considered great franchises, such as Castelvania, Metroid, Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, among others.

Nintendo Entertainment System models:

  • Famicom.
  • NES.
  • NES Control Deck (top loader).
  • NES Classic.

1989: Game Boy

The successor of the Game & Watch and one of the video consoles that Nintendo has marketed the most , since it was not officially discontinued until 2003.

The success of the Game Bo lies not only in the fact that it is a portable game console, but also in the durability of its battery and in the wide variety of quality video games available, where franchises such as Tetris, Super Mario or Pokemon stand out.

Game Boy Models:

  • Game Boy.
  • Game Boy Pocket.
  • Game Boy Light.
  • Game Boy Color.

1990: Super Nintendo

With the challenge of surpassing the NES, the Super Nintendo did hit the market with great reception and acceptance, exceeding consumer   expectations .

In addition to having great franchises in its game library, such as Mega Man, Donkey Kong or Super Mario, it also gave rise to other classic titles such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

Super Nintendo models:

  • Super Famicom.
  • Super Nintendo.
  • SNS 101 (SNES Baby / Super Famicom Jr.).
  • SNES Classic Edition.

1995: Virtual Boy

With the launch of Virtual Boy came the first great failure of Nintendo consoles in the video game sector.

Although the idea of ​​virtual reality was very promising, the technological limitations, the rough design and the reduced variety of games, among other factors, caused that after only 8 months on the market it was discontinued.

1996: Nintendo 64

As a way to differentiate itself from the competition that was already betting on CDs, the company released the Nintendo 64. A game console that worked with cartridges, reducing loading time, but not keeping up with the rest in terms of storage capacity or animation.

However, thanks to great games, such as Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it achieved a certain popularity.

Nintendo 64 models:

  • Nintendo 64.
  • Funtastic Color Series.
  • Pikachu Edition.

2001: GameBoy Advance

To continue to maintain leadership in the portable console market, Nintendo launched the Game Boy Advance, which sold more than 80 million units.

In its game library, in addition to having great franchises from all Nintendo consoles to date, we can also find other games like Sonic or Golden Sun.

Game Boy Advance Models:

  • GET.
  • GBA SP.
  • GBA SP (AGS-101).
  • Game Boy Micro.

2001: Nintendo GameCube

In the same year as the release of the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo also announced the sale of the Nintendo GameCube. This home console already worked with mini-DVD, but since it did not support DVD, it did not reach great popularity among consumers.

Nintendo GameCube models:

  • GCN.
  • Panasonic Q.

2004: Nintendo DS

Following in the footsteps of the success of Nintendo’s portable consoles, in 2004 the company revolutionized the market with the launch of the Nintendo DS, which included two screens , one of which was touch screen.

With more than 154 million units sold and very successful games, such as Nintendogs or Professor Layton, it quickly established itself as the portable game console to beat.

Nintendo DS models:

  • Nintendo DS.
  • DS Lite.
  • DSi.
  • DSi XL.
  • Nintendo 3DS.
  • 2DS.
  • 3DS XL.
  • New 3DS.
  • New 2DS XL.
  • New 3DS XL.

2006: Wii

Another of the great successes to highlight among all Nintendo consoles was the Wii. Its game system was so innovative and different from the rest of the competition that it quickly became a phenomenon that attracted players of all ages .

In addition to launching very popular games, such as Wii Fit or Wii Sports, great franchises such as Mario Kart Wii or Super Mario Galaxy resurfaced.

Wii models:

  • Wii.
  • Wii (RVL-101).
  • Wii Mini.
  • Wii U.

12. Nintendo Switch (2017)

After the failure of the Wii U, the company decided to bring forward the launch of the Nintendo Switch and surprise with the first hybrid console . Such was the reception by the public that today it is considered one of the greatest successes of all Nintendo consoles .

Thanks to the possibility of being able to play both in portable format and on television, together with the extensive video game library for the Nintendo Switch, the company has managed to attract players of all profiles and ages.

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Nintendo Switch models:

  • Nintendo Switch.
  • Lite Switch.
  • OLED Switch.

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