Exercise bike or elliptical, which one to choose to burn calories at home?

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Exercise bike or elliptical, which one to choose to burn calories at home?

Exercise bike or elliptical, which one to choose to burn calories at home?

If you want to get in shape at home and you don’t know whether to choose a stationary or elliptical bike , in this post we will tell you the pros and cons of each one.

Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to choose, especially when the difference between an exercise bike and an elliptical isn’t really clear. Is the elliptical bike better for losing weight? What is the best machine to keep fit and tone muscles? And for rehabilitation? If some of these questions are on your mind, rest assured that we will solve them for you, and at the end of our analysis you will have a clear idea of ​​which bike to buy.

Benefits of exercising on an exercise bike or elliptical

If we decide to get on a bike, either static or elliptical, we are sure that you are going to break a sweat, because both machines are designed to exercise the cardiovascular system and improve resistance. You might be interested in the 5 most expensive jewels in the world. This translates into a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and if, what you were all waiting for, they actively contribute to losing weight . In addition, another advantage of getting on the exercise bike or elliptical and starting to pedal is that we will not have to worry about damaging our joints .

Of course, when we talk about exercising we refer to pedaling for at least 10 minutes on the stationary or elliptical bike, whichever you prefer, the ideal being to carry out sessions of at least 30 to 45 minutes, to make the most of all the benefits that we have mentioned.

Stationary or elliptical bike: which is the best to lose weight?

Both the elliptical and stationary bike are used to lose weight effectively, although the calories you burn with each exercise will depend mainly on the intensity and duration of the exercise. Although due to the number of muscles involved, on average the elliptical bike will allow you to burn 15% more calories than the stationary bike doing an exercise of the same intensity.

Number of calories burned per 1 hour of exercise

  • Stationary bike from 400 to 750 kcal depending on the intensity
  • Elliptical cross trainer from 455 to 830 kcal depending on the intensity

Keep in mind that you will burn many more calories if you do a very intense workout on a stationary bike (increasing the resistance of the pedals) than if you barely push yourself pedaling on an elliptical trainer. In the end, the elliptical bike beats the bike in terms of calories burned. However, the difference is not huge and you will be successful with both fitness machines if you exercise regularly and intensely.

And to tone the muscles?

We have to break a myth and that is that neither the stationary bike nor the elliptical are used to generate muscle, since both exercise machines are designed to tone the muscle, especially the legs and buttocks. Although, although, we can find differences between the muscle groups that are worked with each machine , we detail them below.

With the exercise bike, both the thighs and the calves are exercised and, although less, the arms (biceps and triceps) are also worked on, since they are in charge of supporting your weight while keeping your back straight (and thus avoiding back pain). If you want to give it one more point of intensity, you can exercise your abs if while pedaling you squeeze the handlebars and contract your stomach muscles.

With the elliptical bike you exercise both the lower and upper part of the body, involving almost all the muscles of the body: the back, the arms (biceps and triceps), the chest (pectorals) and the stomach (abdominals), the buttocks , thighs (quadriceps) and legs (calves and tibialis anterior). Depending on whether you decide to use more force with your arms or legs during pedaling, you will work one group of muscles more than another.

Different models for every need

If you start looking for models, you will discover that there is a wide range of models and prices in the indoor bike market, so we will give you the necessary keys so that you know how to choose between an exercise bike or an elliptical bike without wasting money .

The maximum weight and height that the bicycle can support

This is something common for both types of machines and it is that, if we get carried away by the price, we may end up buying a machine that is too weak for your size. Take into account the weight and height of all the members of the family and look at the technical specifications of each model before buying it.

The extra features of each bike

From simple pedaling, to counters of time, calories, distance traveled, heart rate, training plans, fan, music, etc… The extra options of the static and elliptical bikes are very varied in both models, not one being left behind the another at any time. Of course, be careful with the price since features like these can make your budget skyrocket without realizing it.

Considerations before choosing an exercise bike or elliptical

It is time to decide on a model and in short, we cannot say that any bicycle is better than another, it will depend on your needs, budget, objectives and space. But since we are here to help you decide, we are going to give you some tips to keep in mind.

Space, price and maintenance

Although at first glance we can already notice the difference between any exercise bike and elliptical, it is worth reviewing some of the most obvious but also most important differences. The size of the gym equipment is decisive when it comes to exercising at home since the fact that they are excessively large can make us discard them directly. In the case of these devices, both take up a lot of space.

In the vast majority of modelsthe elliptical bike is larger than the stationary bike, both in length and width, since the two large petals on the sides of the body of the machine and its balance will force you to have a safety zone 50 cm around the area of ​​the machine (if you don’t want to break something or leave someone with a good bruise). Unlike thisstationary bikes are much more compact and lighter , so you can leave it in a corner and easily move it anywhere to do a little exercise.

Another great difference between the exercise bike and the elliptical is its price. If we move in models for domestic and amateur use, on average the elliptical bikes are usually €100 more expensive than the static ones.

And it is that speaking of guarantee, once its period has passed we have to take into account that due to its mechanism, an elliptical bike is more complex than a static one, so misuse of it can lead to breakdowns that are more expensive to repair.

If you live in a small apartment

If your home is small and/or you don’t have a room that you can dedicate to exercising, it is best to keep the stationary bike. They are much lighter and take up little space (some are even foldable) so you can put it in a corner of the living room or bedroom to exercise while watching a series.

If you have muscle or joint problems

In this case, the best option is the elliptical bike, since due to its design the movement of the body is smooth and continuous even at medium intensities, so unlike on a stationary bike, our muscles and joints will not be so affected by the position we take during the exercise.

If you want to burn calories at full speed

For this purpose you can buy either of the two, it doesn’t matter. As we have explained to you during the article, the number of calories you burn will depend on the intensity, duration and regularity of your exercises. Look for machines with the option to configure exercise routines and focus on giving it your all while pedalling.

If you don’t have too much budget

When the budget does not go along, it is best to be patient and look for an interesting offer, since the price difference between the two bicycles is not that great if you are clear that you prefer one model over the other. If you’re worried about money, second-hand alternatives are a good option. At Cash Converters you can find different models of second-hand exercise bikes and second-hand elliptical bikes in very good condition, at the best price and with a two-year guarantee.

Well, with this and a cake… No, we better leave the cake, because what we want is to lose those extra pounds or tone up the ones we already have. We hope that with our advice you will be a little closer to deciding whether to buy an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer. Leave us in the comments which one you bought and why!


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