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Electric cars without a license

Electric cars without a license

Cars without a license are becoming more and more fashionable. With the advantages of an electric and a tiny size, they are perfect for driving around urban centers. Meet 5 really surprising proposals.

We are already beginning to notice in the large cities of our country a certain prominence of this new mobility alternative provided by small electric cars without a license, which basically are what we could call ” light electric quadricycles “. Know more about Mercedes benz r class ne shitje.

All of them can be driven with the AM driving license, which is accessible from the age of 15 after passing a practical and theoretical exam . These cars have a series of limitations in their use:

  • The maximum speed at which this type of vehicle can access is 45 km/h
  • Its maximum weight cannot exceed 425 kg
  • As most of them are electric, their displacement equivalence must be less than 50 cc
  • Its capacity is limited to 2 passengers
  • They are prohibited from driving on highways and motorways (they are designed for urban use), although in case of unavoidable necessity they must drive on the hard shoulder
  • On secondary roads, they must drive as far to the right as possible in the event that there is no hard shoulder.

Undoubtedly, these electric cars without a license provide a series of advantages that point them out as a good mobility alternative:

  • To drive it, you only need to have a moped license that can be obtained from the age of 15
  • It has almost the same advantages as any electric vehicle:
    • Totally silent driving
    • No emission of polluting gases
    • Savings in fuel and workshops since its mechanics and maintenance is much simpler than in classic combustion vehicles

The most popular on the market

We list below the 5 small electric vehicles without a license that present the greatest demand in our country:


It offers a range of electric vehicles with two bodies: “ eCity ” and “ eCoupe ”.

  • Price: the “ eCity Pack ” version, which is the access version, starts at €15,499 , reaching the most expensive of the range, the “ eCoupe GTI ” with a price of €399.
  • Power: it is one of the most powerful electric cars without a license on the market, with 6 kW and 50 Nm of torque.
  • Autonomy: the brand has approved it with a range of 80 km .

Eli Zero

It is a Chinese-created lightweight quad , truly ideal for urban environments.

  • Price: it can be purchased from €999.
  • Power: it has a 4 kW motor .
  • Autonomy: the brand recognizes about 80 km with a 5.8 kW/h capacity battery . There is also the possibility of including an 8 kW/h battery that provides a range of up to 110 km .

Citroen Ami

Its hallmark is its innovative cube-shaped design , with only two doors and the innovative system that Citröen has called ” antagonistic opening ” since they open asymmetrically (the passenger’s door with a classic opening and the driver’s that opens in the opposite direction).

  • Price: an exceptional price since it starts at €7,200 , to which up to €1,600 can be discounted from the Moves III Plan.
  • Power: It mounts a maximum power 6 kW (8.2 CV) motor that has been placed on the front axle and is capable of reaching 45 km/h with a fully electric acceleration from standstill to its maximum speed in 10 seconds.
  • Autonomy: the brand has approved a range of 75 km , thanks to its lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5.5 kW/h and which has been located under the floor of the Ami’s passenger compartment.

Invicta Electric Eidola

Ideal on the move for urban environments, with a truly personal aesthetic.

  • Price: the official price of this Invicta is €395.
  • Power: it has a small 3.5 kW motor that reaches 45 km/h without problems.
  • Autonomy: probably the greatest autonomy in this sector of electric mini-cars with its 140 km.

renault twizy

It is Renault’s electric two-seater that is fun, safe, comfortable, open, bold and with a truly futuristic and innovative design.

  • Price: for this car, Renault has combined a price table linked to the option chosen in relation to the acquisition or rental of the battery , as well as the variant that is acquired between the normal use “Life” and the normal use. for small “Cargo” transport , starting from an access price of €7,525 , as follows:
    • Twizy Life with battery for rent from €525
    • Twizy Cargo with battery for rent from €495
    • Twizy Life with owned battery from €11,855
    • Twizy Cargo with owned battery from €13,825
  • Power: The Renault Twizy 45 has a motor with a total power of 4 kW .
  • Autonomy: homologates a total autonomy of 100 km , being able to fully charge in 3.3 hours or reach 80% of its capacity in 3 hours.

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