Easter 2022: 25 plans with children to enjoy with the family

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Easter 2022: 25 plans with children to enjoy with the family

Easter 2022: 25 plans with children to enjoy with the family

The Easter holidays are just around the corner, and many families are already preparing plans, trips and activities to enjoy with their children.

If you are still not very sure what to do during these Easter holidays, we propose a selection of 25 plans for all tastes. Fun and entertainment will be guaranteed!

1) Holy Week processions

After two years without Holy Week processions due to the pandemic and with many mobility restrictions, it seems that this year we will be able to enjoy this religious celebration throughout the entire Spanish geography.

This tradition, which is several centuries old, is one of the most popular festivities in our country , being a declared show of tourist interest in many Spanish cities.

In the processions of Holy Week, the brotherhoods walk the streets carrying the steps with images of the Virgin, of Christ or groups of religious images on their shoulders. The fervor, the admiration, the overwhelming silence, the smell of incense and the beating of the drums fill the streets, moving both the public and the costaleros themselves .

If you are religious in your family, surely this year you will be looking forward to enjoying the Holy Week processions, either in your municipality or in one of the most traditional and popular Spanish cities , such as Valladolid, Toledo, Malaga or Seville.

However, beyond the religious nuance , the Holy Week processions are one of the hallmarks of tourism in our country, as well as one more way of admiring artistic works, some of them of great value. Check out more interesting topics on our site Faith Blog.

2) Exhibitions, museums and city tourism

Whether in your own community or outside of it, the Easter holidays are the perfect excuse to enjoy city plans as a family, discovering tourist and artistic jewels and bringing culture closer to children from an early age .

There are many plans that we can make with them and that they will surely enjoy. Visits to art , literature or history museums are a great idea, as well as museums related to technology , science or astronomy , for example.

3) Family cinema

A very popular plan that never disappoints parents and children is to enjoy a family movie afternoon , either outside or at home, taking advantage of the numerous premieres this month on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Channel or Movistar.

In the cinemas of our country, these are some of the proposals for children that you will find on the billboard during the Easter holidays:

  • Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets (release date April 8)
  • Sonic 2: The Movie
  • the bad guys
  • Supergusano
  • Ainbo: The Amazon Warrior
  • Uncharted (an action-adventure movie recommended for ages 12 and up)
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (Rated 13+

4) Other shows

If what you are looking for are family shows or especially focused on children , these are some of the proposals that you can find in cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona…

– Musicals like Aladdin (Madrid), Peter Pan (Madrid), The Wizard of Oz (Madrid), Beauty and the Beast (Alicante), Anastasia (Barcelona), Coco (Huelva), Tinker Bell (Barcelona), Cinderella (Huelva) , The Xenon Farm (Seville).

– Plays like Tom Sawyer Detective (Madrid), Pinocchio (Madrid), The Little Prince (Huelva)

– Circus shows such as The Circus on Water ( Bilbao and Zaragoza )

– Magic shows such as Magia Majara (Seville), El Mago Pop (Madrid)

5) Make an escape room

Escape games are in fashion and are one of the favorite leisure options for families . Teamwork and decision-making against the clock are the main protagonists of this type of activity, which brings so many benefits to children .

Surely in your city there is a wide range of family escape games . We advise you to inform yourself and try to do it with your children: the experience will not leave you indifferent!

6) Activities in nature

Although any time of the year is good to enjoy the outdoors and contact with nature , now in spring we can carry out multiple activities that enrich children and teach them the importance of taking care of our planet .

A good way to learn about the flora and fauna that surrounds us is to take an excursion to the countryside or to the mountains, and with the help of a specialized guide or book, learn about birds, insects, aromatic herbs, native flora…

Going hiking, climbing, riding a zip line, making a circuit in the trees, going on a horseback route or planting our own vegetable garden are other of the many activities that we can do with children.

7) Visit a natural area

This time of the year is especially conducive to excursions through nature and discover surprising and magical places. Our country has spectacular natural environments throughout the entire geography, with diverse landscapes that include dunes, beaches, lakes or mountains.

So wherever you go on vacation this Easter, you will surely find the perfect natural setting to spend a day full of fun and adventure.

8) Take a rural getaway

Rural tourism is in fashion , and in Spain there is a wide variety of municipalities, towns or regions where you can enjoy it. This type of tourism connects us with nature, it is close and family, and allows us to discover the culture, gastronomy and traditions of small towns or regions that perhaps we did not know.

9) Enjoy the snow

If you are fond of snow, it is still possible to enjoy it in some places in our country, such as the Catalan Pyrenees or Sierra Nevada. Getaways to the snow are always a success when there are children , as the little ones greatly enjoy games and white sports such as skiing .

10) Plan a picnic outing

With the arrival of spring also comes the desire to organize outdoor excursions with a built-in picnic . And there is nothing more rewarding than enjoying a delicious homemade meal surrounded by nature !

If you are going to enjoy a picnic in the countryside with your baby or small child, remember to keep everything you need in your backpack to make your excursion unforgettable.

11) Play sports as a family

Practicing sports as a family has great benefits for everyone , because it not only helps us stay fit, avoid being overweight and take care of our health, but it is also an excellent way to connect with our children, have fun and strengthen our bond .

Since on vacation we will have more time to enjoy together, we suggest you organize a family sports championship that brings together various sports disciplines suitable for everyone. Swimming, racket sports , bike rides or ball sports are great options for family fun and connection .

12) Enjoy the day at a theme park

One of the best plans to enjoy with the family is to spend the day at a theme park . There are some with fast-paced attractions, spectacular water slides or dedicated exclusively to nature and animals.

So, whether you stay in your city this Easter or go out, spending the day in an amusement or theme park is sure to be an unforgettable plan.

13) Search for Easter Eggs

Although it is not a particularly deep-rooted tradition in our country, looking for Easter eggs with the little ones can be a very fun activity to do at home this Easter .

First you will have to hide the Easter eggs (or chocolates, chocolates or whatever else you can think of) throughout the house, choosing places that are accessible to children and that do not pose any danger. Once you have hidden all the loot, it’s time to put your wits to the test by preparing fun clues that will lead the children to each of the hidden eggs.

When the search is over and your children have managed to collect all the Easter eggs, you can celebrate the collection together with a delicious snack!

14) Cook as a family

Cooking with our children is a very beneficial activity for them , because in addition to the time we spend as a family strengthening ties, children learn to function in the kitchen with ease and safety, while reviewing educational concepts in subjects such as mathematics or science (learn measurements, capacity, weight, conversion and changes of state of matter…)

There are many dishes that we can cook with children ; from the classic torrijas and monas de Pascua , to pizzas to taste with a good movie, healthy snacks to snack on between meals, healthy pastries , refreshing ice creams and sorbets or homemade bread.

If the children already have some fluency in the kitchen and are able to prepare simple dishes on their own , another fun option could be to hold a cooking contest and a blind tasting.

15) Disco at home

Although we are at home, we all need to move, and more especially children. Dancing is a good way to do it while having fun and producing endorphins . In addition, dancing has great benefits for the physical and emotional health of the whole family.

Here we leave you a lot of dances and choreographies that you can do with the children and put rhythm to these holidays.

16) Organize a theme party (with costumes included!)

Celebrating a theme day with children is a guaranteed success . There are many ways to make the day special, from devoting it entirely to an activity, to making everything revolve around a theme of your choice.

Some examples that we propose :

  • Theme party about a specific time in history : Prehistory, the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages…
  • Theme party on a certain culture : Greek culture, Mayan, Chinese, Indian…
  • Theme party around a movie , film genre or fictional character: the Wild West, Disney character party, Star Wars day, superhero party…
  • Theme party around a historical fact or character : the arrival of man on the Moon, the invention of the wheel or other inventions that changed the world, theme party around writers like Cervantes, or artists like Velázquez…

Starting from these ideas, you must ensure that your day adapts perfectly to the chosen theme using costumes, vocabulary, decoration, related background music… You can even take the opportunity to watch a film or documentary about it, or taste dishes that can have to do with your topic.

17) Throw a sleepover

One of the typical plans of childhood and that remains forever etched in memory, are the pajama parties. Sometimes, it is enough for the little ones to experience a special and different night with their parents and siblings, although we can also celebrate it by inviting a few friends home.

Sleepovers mix games, activities, music and delicious food. Do not put a stop to your imagination and organize the best pajama party that your little one can imagine!

18) Camping in the living room

What child would not like to sleep in a sack under a starry sky? To fulfill this wish we do not need to wait for summer to arrive, or go camping or bivouac. It is enough to set our living room to bring realism to our camping night.

To do this, we can prepare a campfire with the help of LED candles and red cellophane paper, place adhesive stars that glow in the dark on the ceiling, and enjoy some sandwiches by the fire while we sing typical camp songs.

19) Travel around the world without leaving home

Thanks to technology it is possible to travel the world without leaving the armchair . For this, it is important to open your mind and be able to move to any corner of the planet with the help of your imagination and the necessary tools.

So, among the whole family, choose the destination you would like to travel to , locate it on the map and find out all the details: from its geography (capital, neighboring cities, most important geographical features, flora, fauna…), to its culture, gastronomy, popular festivals…

To make the experience more fun you can prepare a typical recipe from the country or make a mural of cutouts and photographs . This exercise is great for children to learn about the different countries of the world and their cultures , and it can be a very useful training for when you have the opportunity to travel for real.

20) Adventure Circuit

Whether in the garden or in the living room, preparing an adventure circuit is possible if you think about it . Here are some examples:

  • A wheelbarrow, a cardboard box in the shape of a rocket or racing car, or a wooden pallet is more than enough to recreate an exciting ride or even a fun roller coaster .
  • If your child is a sports lover, prepare a fun gymkhana of sports challenges : shoot baskets, knock down bowling pins, score a goal or make a hoop dance by moving your waist, these are some of the many exercises that you can practice against the clock
  • Treasure hunts dodging traps as if it were an Indiana Jones movie, sack races, balloon games or huge spider webs made of wool that will put our skills to the test, are other fun activities that we can do with children.

21) First barbecue of the season

Now that the days are longer and the temperature is milder, if you have a garden or terrace you can prepare a delicious barbecue . The children love it and it allows us to take advantage of the good weather while we enjoy it as a family.

There is no need for built-in barbecues or large American-style gas grills. Luckily, there are very small barbecues that perform the same service and that can be placed on a large terrace, or even small and practical table grills that will give your food a different touch.

22) A home spa day

Prepare a fun and relaxing spa day without leaving home , and I’m sure that both you and your children will greatly appreciate it. And it is never a bad time to enjoy a bath with aromatic salts, a gentle massage with natural oils and relaxation exercises , all accompanied by dim lighting and background music.

You can always adapt the activities to the age and tastes of your children, and also include hairdressing, manicure, beauty and makeup sessions, which children rarely resist.

23) Decorate Easter Eggs

Undoubtedly, the decoration of Easter eggs is one of the typical leisure activities of this time of year. On several occasions we have shared fun and original ideas to paint the eggs . Remember that you must first empty the content without breaking the shell; simply by gently piercing the egg with the help of a needle and allowing its content to empty so that you can paint it later.

You can also choose to decorate the shell with stickers using boiled eggs ; a simpler activity -since it does not require emptying the content- and therefore, especially suitable for young children.

24) Do crafts

Crafts are always a perfect and fun resource to enjoy with the family . But in addition to fun, perhaps we are not always aware of the multiple benefits it brings to the child: development of creativity , exercise of fine motor skills , stimulation of the senses , relaxation, concentration…

In our ‘Crafts with children’ section you will find hundreds of proposals for crafts to enjoy these holidays.

25) Board Games Marathon

Board games are always one of the safest bets , as they combine fun with the development of skills such as team play, respect, critical thinking, the search for solutions, creativity…

We propose some examples:

  • Educational board games for children to learn to read and write while having fun
  • Board games for creative children to bring out the artist in them
  • The 19 Best Board Games to Play as a Family, Ranked by Age
  • Logic and strategy board games
  • Card games with the Spanish deck

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