Analog or digital photo camera, which one to choose?

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Analog or digital photo camera, which one to choose?

Analog or digital photo camera, which one to choose?

If you like photo cameras,  you may hesitate to purchase an analog or a digital one. There will be those who think the answer is to bet on technology and modernity. However, a growing number of photography lovers are turning to traditional methods.

The two have many differences, but they also have standard features. For example, both have a diaphragm and shutter. Both have a photometer, lenses, focus, and zoom system. In both cases, the light comes through the lenses. If you are not satisfied with your smartphone’s camera and are looking for one of the lifelong ones, read on. We help you clear your doubts!

Digital photo camera

You don’t have to be an expert to know that digital ones are the evolution of analog ones. Therefore, they have improvements over their older sisters. The process is faster, more comfortable, and safer, but also, critics say, colder.

Use memory cards

The snapshots they collect are stored on memory cards. They do not use reels or photographic film. In its place is an image sensor. The photographer can observe his subject through a peephole, a small monitor, or an LCD screen of the device. Photos can be viewed here.

They do not require development and the treatment is simple.

Images can be copied to a computer via a memory card or USB cable. The treatment of digital photographs is simple, thanks to the great diversity of applications or photo retouching programs.


The focus plane used in this type of camera is a sensor of four types: CCD and super CCD, CCD RGBE, CMOS, and Foveon X3The sensor is the digital equivalent of traditional film.

analog photo camera

This type of device has become obsolete for most photography enthusiasts. However, some still continue to use them due to a certain romanticism or a love of the traditional and artisanal method. Although we have already told you how they work, today we review the main differences concerning digital ones.

They do not require batteries.

You do not have to be aware of the battery or the batteries. However, there are exceptions. They must have them when you incorporate a  flash or a light meter.

You see the result after the development.

All the photographs are taken in the old analog cameras until the reel runs out. Only then is it extracted, its content revealed, and the quality of the result checked. In addition, you have to take the reel to a professional laboratory or assemble your own at home. If you accidentally light the film before development, all content is lost.

On the other hand, if you want to set up your home development lab, you need some investment. You must acquire an enlarger and some buckets for the liquids used in the process. Added to this, you have to prepare a room with enough darkness.

The reels do not exceed 36 photographs.

Digital cameras can store a virtually unlimited number of photos. However, the old reels cannot do more than 36. There are also 24. When they run out, you must change them for others if you want to take more snapshots.

Each photograph requires photographic paper.

To enjoy the photographs of an analog camera in physical format, it is necessary to develop them on photographic paper. This has a particular cost. For high-resolution copies, scanning them into digital format can take two to three minutes. If you do the math, you’ll see that scanning a reel of 36 photos takes more than an hour. There are also reels for slides.

Analog or digital photo camera? Which to choose?

Having said all of the above, we will now try to answer the critical question. Which camera to choose, a digital or an analog one? In principle, we can ensure that, at present, the former is much more sold than the latter. Furthermore, we could say something without fear of being wrong. The number of photographs taken since the digital ones exist is infinitely higher than what was done in the analog era.

Therefore, at least for the millions of people who prefer them, the answer is digital. Be that as it may, those who buy a traditional camera do so because they want to have that experience, whether or not they have a digital camera or a mobile phone camera.

If you are one of those who have a passion for vintage aesthetics and photographic paper, choose the analog option. There are still thousands of fans of this format. In reality, the image quality is superior to digital, with a more significant variation between light and dark. This characteristic is even more evident in black and white photography.

On the other hand, the analog option has a certain warmth. It is as if you compare a vinyl record with audio in MP3 format. That’s even more apparent when using high-end film. Added to all this, the initial costs of a good analog are lower than those of a good digital.

If you still have more questions, ask us! Remember that you can also review the key aspects you must consider before buying a photo camera.


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