5 back-to-school products that should be second-hand

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5 back-to-school products that should be second-hand

5 back-to-school products that should be second-hand

September is approaching, and the list of products for back to school is getting bigger and bigger as the little ones in the house grow.

If you only had to worry about the case, pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc. Little by little, textbooks began to be added, and now when they advance in the course, the most expensive materials make their entrance: computer products

Computers, tablets, chargers, USB flash drives, and printers have become 5 essential products when going back to school for the little ones in the family. 

However, in the current situation, where everything is more expensive, we have to think of alternative options that do not have such an impact on the family economy.

Second-hand back-to-school products

According to some specialized publications, about 70% of consumers admit to being open to buying second-hand items. What is the reason? Since the pandemic’s beginning, the demand for resale has skyrocketed as people seek to save while maintaining their tastes and standard of living and because they have realized that a second-hand product does not mean “old.” broken,” or “not working.”

Nowadays, with the situation that we have and are going through, added to the increase in the app for buying and selling used items, the collaborative economy, and specialized stores that are dedicated to this type of product, the market for second-hand items has risen like foam, throwing to the ground that wrong perception of this type of objects.


At CashConveters, we always encourage you to ask yourself why you recycle what you no longer use. And it is that the reuse of products at the time of selling and buying them, especially computer ones, are several. We remind you of the main ones:

1. Savings: the price of practically new products, just because they are second-hand, is considerably lower. Especially when they are products we know will not have the same care that an adult would give them. 

2. Recycling: using a product of this type gives the product a longer functional life. Therefore, we favor sustainable consumption. The seller, instead of throwing away a computer or putting it away in a closet, takes it to a store where if it has very little use and is in good condition, they will sell it, and if it is in slightly inferior condition, they will use its components to manufacture new ones.

3. Reduction of emissions: every time we buy second-hand back-to-school products, we avoid their manufacture and destruction, thereby significantly reducing the emission of materials and agents that are harmful to the environment.

5 essential products for back to school

As we mentioned before, as the courses go by, the little ones in the family need more computer products. Although short, the list of essential products for back-to-school generates an expense that we can reduce with this purchase.

  1. Laptops: 

Buying a second-hand laptop will help you save money and worry. And it is that either to look for information or to do work, and you will not have to leave your son or daughter alone with your personal computer. Not for less, today a computer is essential in school age and if it is a laptop better than better.

The latter is the perfect solution to the educational world and its new mobility formats, both inside and outside the classroom, and are in demand for students from very early ages, and children must have their own so that parents do not stay without their computer, since more and more hours are spent by the student using it.

  1. Tablets: 

Digital tablets have seen their demand increase in recent years by up to 28% in the number of units sold compared to previous years. In this sense, brands are betting more and more on tablets with more power and connectivity options to study and only have fun. As if it were a blackboard through its touch screens and at more affordable prices than a computer, especially if we consider second-hand tablets. 

In addition, they tend to be more functional in doing homework outside the home, in the case of not having a computer at that time or even in those homes where having more than one child in school makes it easier economically. , having a laptop and a tablet than having two or three laptops.

  1. And 4. Chargers and memory devices: 

Two equally essential products. Chargers tend to be lost or damaged more quickly when they are in charge of the little ones. The same fate ends up suffering, USB devices, so small and so often “forgotten” but at the same time so necessary to save work, notes, and documents without cluttering the computer.

For this reason, as we all know that they will be the most sought all backpacks this year, we recommend buying second-hand USB flash drives and second-hand mobile chargers, thus avoiding spending on the family economy.

5 . Printers: 

One of the most necessary products for back to school and the most forgotten until you need it. Always necessary to print jobs, maps, photocopying, printing notes, images, etc., late when the copy shop is closed.

Nowadays we all have printers in our office but not at home, even though they are usually used more by students, especially teenagers and university students. Therefore, we consider it a back-to-school product to consider, especially if you buy second-hand printers considering their lower price.

Tips for buying products for back to school

To finish, we would like to emphasize that it is essential to consider a series of important points when buying second-hand items.

  1. First of all, start early. Thinking ahead can save you a lot of money and help you reuse items you already have around the house. Searching the house in depth can result in the “appearance” of a lost USB or a charger forgotten in a drawer or other valuables. It is also likely that the tablet the older brother no longer wants could be inherited by the little one… These things that seem so obvious to us can prevent us from buying on impulse.
  2. As a second step, make a list: An essential list of the necessary items, along with those that you have already been able to find at home, will help you not buy things you do not need. Simplifying with children is one of the keys to living more consciously. 
  3. And finally: Buy safely. It is crucial and essential that you not only be aware of the current prices, but also that you compare and above all, and as we always tell you, buy on safe sites, that give you confidence and that you know that even though it is a second-hand item, it works like a new one.


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