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25 Unique Names for Girls With J | Name and Meaning

25 Unique Names for Girls With J | Name and Meaning

Judith, Juana, Jimena or Julia have a very special strength and personality and that is that all these baby names are found in the list of girl names with the letter J. If you finally know that it is a girl, you have many weeks ahead to make a series of decisions that revolve around the pregnancy. One of them is the choice of the name of the little one . As we know that it is not easy, we want to help you in this task and a good idea is to choose between the names of a certain letter .

The best unique girl names that start with the letter J

Are you looking for a perfect name for your little one and you have a hard time deciding? At El Embarazo we know that it is very important to choose the name of the girl or boy well for future parents. Therefore, it is essential that you take it with time and that you know different names of different letters. If you like J, don’t hesitate to review the best girl names that start with the letter J , each one of them also has a very special meaning.




JACQUELINE French that grabs the heel
JACKIE Americano Alternative by Jacqueline
JACOBI Hebrews Substitute, Substitute
JAI Thai Heart
JADE Español green gemstone
JANA catalan Yahweh’s compassion
JANE Hebrews the full of grace
JACINTA Greek beautiful, attractive
JARA Arabic Dulce
JASMINE Lost flower of the same name
JENNIFER Gales white as sea foam
JESSICA Scottish Scottish form of Joan.
JIMENA Vasco off the mountain
JONATAN Hebrews Gift of God
JOSEPH Hebrews God will provide
JOSEFINA Hebrews God will give
JUANA Latin gift of God
JUDITH Hebrews praised
JULIA Latin soft hair
JULIANA Latin soft hair
JULIET Latin root strong
JUNCAL Castellano rush place
JUNE Vasco Juncal
JUNO Latin young wife
JUSTINA Latin From justinus, name of Justo, Roman patronymic.

Still haven’t found your favorite name? Quiet! We have many more possibilities and options of baby girl names that start with j among which the lucky one may be, read carefully and write down in your list those that you like the most and that go better with the surnames that your daughter will inherit.

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