23 recommended children’s books for children from 0 to 3 years old

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23 recommended children’s books for children from 0 to 3 years old

23 recommended children’s books for children from 0 to 3 years old

Reading is essential for the development of children and we must encourage it from the time our children are young. Thus, it is important that we stimulate the baby and awaken her love for books, reading aloud to her and offering her adapted stories that capture her attention.

Today we offer you a selection of titles, classified in alphabetical order , which are successful among babies and children under three years of age , and which should not be missing from your home library.

Animals had long wanted to find out what the moon tasted like. Would it be sweet or salty? They just wanted to try a little piece, but as much as they stretched out their necks, legs and arms they couldn’t catch it. A beautiful story that tells us the importance of working as a team to achieve a common goal .

Edited by Kalandraka and written and illustrated by Michael Grejniec.

Good night, Leon.

It’s time to go to sleep , but first Leon wants to say goodnight to his friends. A nice story to introduce children to sleep routines. It includes a cardboard lantern to help find the animals that are hiding in its pages.

Caresses (‘The Cherry’ collection)

Cherry is a collection of books to sing, count, watch and play with the little ones. Each one is special, all sweet and playful like cherries, designed for those who have not yet learned to read.

A game of caresses in different parts of the face is the theme of this new title that, at the end of the story, can be heard with music.

Written by María del Mar Benegas Ortiz and illustrated by Marta Comín Pérez . It belongs to the Combel publishing house.

Crocodile (‘From the cradle to the bed’ Collection)

This simple story belongs to the collection “From the cradle to the moon” together with titles such as ‘Miau’, ‘Veo Veo’, ‘Luna’ or ‘Zapato’, among many others. Crocodile is one of the most widely read children’s books, captivating children with its poetic pictograms , its striking images and its reading rhythm.

Edited by Kalandraka, written by Antonio Rubio Herrero and illustrated by Óscar Villán.

cuckoo after

Peek-a-boo is surely one of the first games that babies learn and with this fun story with great illustrations and bright colors they will have fun lifting the flaps and finding out what farm animals are hiding behind them. Check out more interesting topics on our site Faith Blog.

Written by Francesca Ferri and edited by SM

the color monster

It is a classic that we always recommend because it is a sure hit for this age (and even later), and because it will also help us explain to children what emotions are and how they can identify them.

A book written by Ana Llenas and edited by Flamboyant .

The little book of animals

What are the names of the cat’s children? Who hatches from mother hen’s eggs? Do you know the name of all the baby animals? A fantastic book to teach the little ones some notions of the animal kingdom through tabs and tabs with fun and endearing illustrations.

A beautiful story from the Timunmas publishing house, and written by Natahalie Choux. It is part of a collection with titles such as ‘The Little Book of the Farm’, ‘The Little Book of Vehicles’ or ‘The Little Book of Seasons’, among others.

pepe the chicken

Chicken Pepe is growing a lot because he is very greedy! This classic story is, without a doubt, one of the children’s favorites , which dazzles both for its fun pop-up illustrations, and for the exploits of its endearing and tender protagonist.

The Little Prince for the little ones

It is possible to bring the classic ‘The Little Prince’ closer to the little ones with this great adaptation by Editorial Bruño, designed for children from zero to three years old. A simple and tender book, all cardboard, that respects the spirit and the universal and timeless message of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous character.


The story of this elephant, different from the rest of the herd, is also a classic among readings for the little ones. It is perfect for transmitting to children such important positive values ​​as solidarity, respect, friendship and, above all, the celebration of differences.

Its author is David McKee, and the publisher is Beascoa.


Editorial Timunmas has a collection of sound books that are perfect for stimulating this sense in the baby , while they learn about the different concepts and themes that the book deals with.

Specifically, this story shows six different sounds that can be heard in the natural world, and that the child will discover just by pressing the button with his little hands.

Written by Marion Billett.

Giraffes can’t dance

Every year in Africa, the Jungle Dance is celebrated… and the animals love to dance and do pirouettes! Chufa wants to participate in that famous dance, but as everyone knows, giraffes can’t dance! Or if…? A cute and funny story in a fabulous fold-out album.

The illustrations and Pop-Ups make it very attractive for young children, but the text is perfect for children who have just started in the world of reading.

Edited by Bruño, written by Giles Andrea and illustrated by Guy Parker Rees


This story, belonging to Editorial Timunmas , is part of a collection of books with textures to stimulate the baby’s sense of touch.

‘Pets’ shows images of animals that will arouse the child’s curiosity, stimulate their senses and help them build their vocabulary.

My book of smells and colors. The fruits

It is a scented book belonging to the ‘My book of smells’ collection, which also includes titles such as ‘My first smells’, ‘The world’ or ‘The Garden’. It is perfect to stimulate the sense of smell while the child has fun.

What fruit is hidden behind that flap? She rubs her finger, sniffs, and discovers the scent of fruit the same color as the page. A fun way to discover and relate colors and smells!

Illustrated by Mr. Iwi and edited by Auzou.

nacho and laura

Nacho has new neighbors: Laura’s family. Will they become friends? They will enjoy? It is ideal for the smallest of the house to handle thanks to the thickness of its pages and its rounded corners.

This story offers us the opportunity to meet Nacho and Laura , both protagonists of a collection of stories focused on the little ones that recreates everyday situations and helps them face them.

Some examples are “Nacho goes to school”, “Nacho no longer uses the potty”, “Laura goes to the doctor”, “Nacho in the shower”, “Nacho goes to the library”, “Laura helps her mother”. .

Written and illustrated by Liesbet Slegers and edited by Edelvives.

Can I look at your diaper?

Mouse is very curious. He has to sniff around everything, even his friends’ diapers. He sniffs, one by one, in the diapers of Hare, Goat, Dog, Cow, Horse and Pig. Of course, his friends also want to look at Mouse’s diaper. And they get a big surprise.

This fun story with bright illustrations is perfect for little ones who are starting to get out of the diaper or are showing an interest in how their older siblings pee .

Written and illustrated by Guido van Genechten.

What does Lulo the owl do?

A fun book, with moving parts and lots of surprises, that develops the young reader’s psychomotor skills , encourages their observation and interaction, and stimulates their imagination. The child will have to pull each one of the tabs to discover everything that Lulo the owl does!

A fun story edited by Bruño.

What comes the wolf!

It is a very funny story that all children love because in this story, nothing is as they thought . Play with the surprise factor when telling them and with the intonation of your voice. They sure love it!

Written by Emile Jadoul and edited by Edelvives.

Who I am?

Uh, uuu… Who opens their eyes at nightfall? Yum-yum! Who nibbles carrots nonstop? It’s your turn to guess it by moving the tabs of this book with surprises. The most playful way to discover animals!

Written by Tristan Mory and edited by Combel.

I always think of you

This story is perfect for dealing with separation anxiety when the little ones start kindergarten or nursery school . Through the story and its beautiful illustrations, children will understand that, despite separating, mom and dad will think about them a lot and will be looking forward to the time to pick them up from school.

Of Appelt and Dyer, it belongs to the Editorial Youth.

a kiss before bed

All baby animals kiss their mother before they go to sleep . A beautiful story to tell your child before going to sleep. Simple, tender text with striking illustrations that will captivate the little ones.

Written by Teresa Tellechea, illustrated by Alicia Padrón and edited by SM

An elephant was swinging

Who has not ever sung this popular children’s song to their children? With this illustrated story, children will be able to see what really happens with the elephant… and the friends that join.

Written and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc and edited by Edelvives.

Let’s go bear hunting

Entering into the reading of this story is to open a door to imagination, suspense and adventure that will undoubtedly excite the little ones. Accompany the main family to hunt a bear because, who’s afraid of the bear?

Its author is Michael Rosen and the illustrator Helen Oxenbury. Edited by Ekaré Editions from the El Bosque de Libros collection.

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