Moving Mountains
Christian people are still flawed because they're still sinners.  What separates us from the rest is that we're forgiven sinners.  The Man behind Christianity, Jesus Christ, is whom we should look toward, not so much the people.  Much like the Israelites looked up towards the bronze serpent to be saved from temporal death, so we look up towards Christ to be saved from eternal death (John 3:14; cf. Numbers 21:9).  We can look at other Christians as a model of Christ, but that's it — only a model.  Models are not perfect representations of the thing they reflect, but rather the best estimate that they can be.  If you look towards the Christian people on how to be, you will be disappointed every time.  Rather, look towards Christ, and He shall give you peace that comes not from this world (John 14:27).  You can use any Christian as a role model and an inspiration as long as your mind is ultimately set on Christ.


10/31/2016 4:39am

We should have to search the right way that is full of the lights and where we are never ever getting the darkness. Instead of the follow of the ways that are made by the humanity and are also full of with the darkness.


We are all sinners but forgiven. God loves us all an don't doubt it.

01/24/2017 9:53am

I totally agree with you! We are all sinners. But because God loves us, He sent his son, Jesus, so that our sins would be forgiven. We should be grateful to Him because of His unconditional love to us. He continues to shower us with His love despite of our sins. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!


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